Central Enrollment

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Required Document Checklist

  • Please have the following items available before beginning the online registration process. You may also bring them with you to your appointment to finalize registration. 

    • Proof of Residency 
      • Home purchase closing papers; mortgage documents (billing statement or winter/summer tax bill); or current rental lease
        • Renters must get notorized signature of property owner/management on the Verification of Residency Affidavit
      • Any two of the following (must include name and address)
        • Billing statements (gas, electric, cable, cell phone, insurance, doctor's office)
        • Bank statement
    • Valid Parent/Guardian Identification – driver’s license, state ID or passport (Photo taken with a cell phone is acceptable.)
    • Proof of Custody (when applicable). You must have court-issued papers showing that you have legal physical custody.
    • Current Immunization Records (by State Law a child may not start at a new school without proof of immunization). We cannot let a child attend even one day without these! At least the first of the three-shot Hepatitis B series must be documented and included with all other immunizations. Also the parent/guardian must furnish proof of the child having had the chicken pox or varicella vaccination.
    • Current IEP or 504 Plan, if applicable

    All registrations will be pending until an original birth certificate, prior disciplinary records (for students other than DK/kindergarten) and the residency affidavit (if necessary) are brought to the Fraser Public Schools Administration Building when it reopens. 

    An Original Certified Birth Certificate can be obtained through the following ways: 

    • Order online at www.vitalcheck.com
    • Go to the courthouse of the county where child was born
    • Contact State of Michigan Vital Records at (517) 335-8656
    • Foreign-born students: a passport may also be acceptable

    Please note, the following situations will require administrative review by Central Office.

    1. Limited guardianship
    2. Placement of child in home of relative
    3. Power of Attorney
    4. 18 years of age and resides in district