Fraser Education Foundation

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    What is the Fraser Education Foundation?

    The Fraser Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax-deductible organization. The objective of the foundation is to provide funding that will enhance teacher creativity, student enrichment and community involvement through activities that go beyond the scope of normally funded school budgets and responsibilities. Typically the basis and intent of any educational foundation is to provide non-traditional funding for non-traditional projects, activities and classroom materials.

    The foundation supports the schools in our district through grants and minigrants. The money is raised through donations from teachers, individuals and local businesses as well as a variety of fundraisers during the school year. During the last 20 years, the Fraser Educational Foundation has averaged $8,000 in grants annually.

    Who Does the Foundation Help?

    The grant program supports funding for all levels (DK-12). Some examples of recent projects the foundation has supported include grants for the purchase of books, supplemental education programs and establishing MakerSpaces.

    Donate to the Foundation

    One-Time Online Donation 
    Anyone is welcome to make a tax-deductible donation at any time.

2017-2018 Grant Recipients

  • Congratulations to this year's recipients!

    Seven grants were awarded for a total of $5,791!

    Amy Laidlaw and Shannon Descamps
    Eisenhower Elementary
    Grant Amount: $950
    Purchase Ozobot and Bee-Bot robots to establish a coding club for all students K-6.

    Whitney Saoud
    Disney Elementary
    Grant Amount: $330
    Create STEM bins for second grade classrooms. The bins will be filled with various items that will encourage creativity, critical thinking and build fine motor skills.

    Lori Wetzel
    Richards Middle School
    Grant Amount: $830
    Purchase a set of six Sphero robots for use by in the MakerSpace in the Media Center, by the Coding Club, and as a supplemental activity in Computer Literacy and Tech Ed classes. The new robots will also be integrated into math and science classrooms.

    Renee Biegas
    Emerson Elementary
    Grant Amount: $1,000
    Enhance and expand the MakerSpace through the purchase of materials and supplies to be located in the Media Center. 

    Tanya Leon, Jackie Traub, Jillian Husk
    Richards Middle School
    Grant Amount: $900
    Purchase four additional BreakoutEDU boxes to enhance curriculum by allowing students to demonstrate teamwork, collaboration and critical thinking to solve challenging puzzles in order to open their locked box.

    Mary Gillis and Diane Headapohl
    Emerson Elementary
    Grant Amount: $1,000
    Create a sensory room that will include a variety of sensory activities and objects to help calm, soothe, comfort as well as motivate students both in special education and general education.

    Andrea Ullicny
    Richards Middle School
    Grant Amount: $780
    Purchase items to create a sensory-rich environment that will benefit students with sensory, behavioral and attention issues in the special education and general education settings. 



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