• What is the Fraser Education Foundation?
    The Fraser Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax-deductible organization. The objective of the foundation is to provide funding that will enhance teacher creativity, student enrichment and community involvement through activities that go beyond the scope of normally funded school budgets and responsibilities. Typically the basis and intent of any educational foundation is to provide non-traditional funding for non-traditional projects, activities and classroom materials.

    The foundation supports the schools in our district through grants and minigrants. The money is raised through donations from teachers, individuals and local businesses as well as a variety of fundraisers during the school year. During the last 20 years, the Fraser Educational Foundation has averaged $8,000 in grants annually.

    Who Does the Foundation Help?
    The grant program supports funding for all levels (DK-12). Some examples of recent projects the foundation has supported include grants for the purchase of books, supplemental education programs and establishing MakerSpaces.

How Can I Support the FEF?

  • The staff and community of Fraser Public Schools can support the FEF through a variety of ways. We have several fundraisers throughout the year that are announced as they are scheduled. You can also support the FEF through these ways:

    One-time online donation

    Employee Contribution Appeal

    Staff Payroll Deduction 

    The Foundation is currently in the process of researching alternative sources of funding and welcomes any suggestions or recommendation that you may have. We are confident that with your help and support the Fraser Educational Foundation will be able to continue to provide grants that will support the many worthwhile projects as we have in the past. 


  • Deuane Martin – President
    Carol Nine – Vice President
    Joanne Hartzel – Treasurer
    James Walsh – Trustee
    Delia Martin – Trustee
    Doreen Winnega – Trustee
    Chris Skruba – Trustee
    Sharron Henderson – Trustee
    Kenneth Bennett – Trustee
    Nicole Malak - Trustee
    Dr. Richards - Superintendent
    Michelle Wenner - Secretary