Preschool Information

  • Due to concerns about bringing in groups of children, the district has decided to close childcare at the end of the day starting November 24th.  The return date is to be determined.

    Tuition preschool programs will also be suspended for in-person groups after November 24th.  

    The preschool teachers will be reaching out to you to provide educational activities virtually so your children can continue to be engaged.

    The district will provide updates as they become available.


    We still have childcare and tuition preschool in person on Monday, November 23rd, and Tuesday, November 24th.


    Our preschool programs teach a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for preschool children. Our main goal is for every child to develop a positive self-image and a positive attitude towards learning and school.

    Please call (586) 439-7600 or contact Julie Snarski at for more information.

    As you know, schools across the nation are faced with many difficult decisions as they plan for the 2020-2021 school year during a pandemic.  In Fraser, our priority is to provide a quality educational experience while keeping the safety and well-being of our students and staff a priority. 

    Beginning October 5th, 2020 the 3-year-old tuition preschool, and the 4-year-old tuition preschool will start.  This does not include Flex and Toddle Time.

    We will re-evaluate where our community is with regards to COVID 19 in January and make a decision on opening for the second half of the school year at that time.

    Early Childhood Care will be offered in a different format.  Please click here for more Early Childhood Care information. 

    Online Registration


    Preschool will be limited to ten children per room. Children and staff will wear masks and we will do our best to follow social distancing guidelines. 

    If you haven’t had the opportunity, please read over our  Parent Handbook during COVID-19,  (located under "What You Need" on this page) and our Dooley COVID Response & Preparedness Plan.  The last page of the handbook will need to be read and signed by each parent/guardian.  We will have a copy for you to sign and return when you pick up your child. There may be other paperwork for you to complete.

    Another source of helpful information is the COVID-19 Parent Handbook created by the Macomb County Health Department.

    Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


    Arrival/Departure Procedures (One Adult and child- both must wear a mask):



     Complete the Health Screener (below) Every Day before arrival!

     1.    Line up outside of the designated outside doors-

            Mrs. Burlager door # 1

            Mrs. Delvov door # 25 (around the back, the right side of the building)

    2.    Please use social distancing when lining up.

    3.    The child’s temperature will be taken.  Must be below 100 degrees to attend Preschool & ECC.

    4.    Adult/child say goodbyes.



    1.    Adults wait outside at the designated door.

    2.    Teacher will release children one at a time to the adult. 

    3.    Adults must bring ID.


    SNACKSat this timetuition preschool children will not be eating snacks in class. 



    Dooley Center Health Screener: