School-Age Child Care

  • The Latchkey program is now called School-Age Child Care (SACC).

    Due to low enrollment and concerns about bringing in groups of children, the district has decided to close full-day SACC.

    Before- and after-school SACC will be offered while students are attending face-to-face learning in our schools. Please note, any time the district or a school is closed to in-person learning, SACC will also be closed.

     2021/22 enrollment for SACC will begin in August

    Limited spaces will be available at all six elementary schools. Please use the waiting list provided in the registration link if space is not available.

    Hours of Operation:  School Days, Monday-Friday  

    Morning Session: 7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

Afternoon Session: 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

      • Schedule: Parent/Guardian provides a schedule at registration
      • Billing/Payments: Prepaid in advance every two weeks

    Due to COVID-19

      • Only for students with parents/guardians working outside the home
      • Limited group sizes
      • Additional cleaning and sanitizing
      • Staff and children must wear face masks
      • Parents will be provided with a SACC COVID-19 Response Plan


     Fee Structure

    • Online Pre-registration required (must also provide a schedule and prepay before attending)
    • Non-refundable supplies/materials fee of $50 or $75 for family
    • Morning session: $5 flat rate per child
    • Afternoon session: $4 flat rate per child for services within (1) hour; $7 flat rate per child for services beyond (1) hour.
    • Half-Day/Early Release: $15 flat rate per child. If only the morning service is used, a $5 flat rate per child will be charged.

    Child Schedule Information

    • Only registered students will be allowed to enter SACC, no ‘drop-in’ childcare
    • The schedule must be submitted at registration
    • Changes to the schedule need to be approved by childcare staff based on space available
    • Children will be put on a waiting list if space is not available

    Payment Information

    • Parents/legal guardians need to submit payment based on the schedule provided at the time of registration.
    • Fees are paid in advance. Invoices will be sent every two weeks. Payment of fees is due on or before Thursday of each week for the following week’s care.
    • Parents/legal guardians that do not make their payments by Friday for the following week could lose their spot in SACC. They will be contacted if this situation occurs.
    • If the account is not kept current or is chronically delinquent, we reserve the right to terminate care until full payment is made or to terminate childcare permanently.

    Families with overdue accounts from the 2019-2020 school year must pay the balance in full before current year registration will be accepted. We reserve the right to deny childcare services when payment is delinquent

    Additional information will be provided in the SACC Parent Handbook.  Find the SACC Parent Handbook here.

    COVID-19 Parent Handbook
    The Macomb County Health Department has put together some important information for parents about COVID-19, including how it is spread, how families will be notified should a positive case be reported in one of our schools, and when to keep your student home. You can find this here:

    SACC COVID Response & Preparedness Plan