About Registration

  • Participants are requested to register via our registration form. Since classes are limited to a certain number of participants, registrations will be made on a first-come first-served basis. We will make every attempt to accommodate everyone with their first choice of class day and time. Please direct all questions on student placement for class levels to a pool supervisor or supporting staff. We are an after school program, so our hours of operation can be found in our current flyer. We will do everything we can to answer everyone in a timely manner.

    Please be aware, confirmations are not mailed, if there is a problem with a registration, we will contact you directly.

How to Register

  • There are several ways to register for classes:

    1. Our form can be found online on the last page of our current flyer. These flyers are specifically dated and can ONLY be used for the session in which they are dated for. Currently enrolled students are allowed to take advantage of our Priority Registration by turning in their forms and payment directly to the office during their child's class as soon as the flyer is released.
    2. For those that are NOT currently registered, the forms can be mailed in to the address found on the form, (strongly recommended if you aren't currently registered) as your postmark is your virtual place in line.
    3. Forms can be brought in to the pool area during our official registration period only. We accept cash, checks or money orders only, with checks and money orders being made payable to Fraser Public Schools.

    SORRY, but we cannot accept payments online, via email, or over the phone.

Current Session

  • Summer 2023 Registration Packet

    This session runs June through August.

    Classes will start on Monday, June 19, 2023

    Priority registration for currently enrolled families starts when the form is published by bringing your registration in to the office during your scheduled class.

    Mail in registration for others will begin with your postmark date as your place in line for when we open the envelopes. Mail in registration will need to be postmarked by Saturday, May 20th. We will call and/or email you if there are problems with your registration. Envelopes will be opened on Tuesday, May 30th. Your cancelled check is your confirmation that your registration has been accepted.

    Walk-in registration for the general public will be the last stage of registering on June 5th and 7th from 6 - 9 p.m. directly at the pool.