Salk Projects Overview

  • The outlined projects are the result of a collaborative effort among building and district staff. This $29.37 million bond is designed to help provide modern facilities, technology and transportation to our students, staff and community.

    Proposed improvements at Salk Elementary are:

    • Replace failing roof, which is out of warranty and leaking. The roof is also failing around the many patches.
    • Resurface parking lot and add a parking lane along the east side of the parking lot to ease drop-off and pick-up traffic
    • Install underground storm water drainage. The current system allows for water and ice to build up on sidewalks and play areas.
    • Update classroom technology, student devices, and technology infrastructure when it reaches the end of its useful life.
    • Add flexible furniture to classrooms to allow for collaboration, small groups and personalized learning.
    • Replace classroom coat cubbies, many of which are original to the buildings and are broken, missing or falling apart.
    • Replace classroom cabinets, which are starting to break down from use and exposure to water.
    • Add air conditioning to gymnasium and kitchen. These spaces are used for assemblies, lunches and classes, and get very warm when several hundred students and teachers are inside. 
    • Install sound-absorbing gymnasium ceiling and add sound system to the gym. 
    • Improve playground equipment and resurface asphalt play areas which are cracked and crumbling.

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