Fraser High School Projects Overview

  • The outlined projects are the result of a collaborative effort among building and district staff. This $29.37 million bond is designed to help provide modern facilities, technology and transportation to our students, staff and community.

    Proposed improvements at Fraser High School are:

    • Resurface parking lots which are crumbling and cracked.
    • Renovate Fraser Performing Arts Center
      • Replace auditorium seating which is breaking and failing.
      • Replace stage curtains which are stained and torn.
    • Renovate pool area
      • Replace tile which is patched with tape and putty
      • Install climate control system to reduce humidity
      • Install sound-absorbing ceiling
      • Replace touch-pads and scoreboards for more reliable time-keeping
    • Renovate locker rooms, which were installed when the building opened in 1970. Many doors are missing or broken, making the lockers unusable.
    • Add flexible furniture to classrooms to allow for collaboration, small group instruction and personalized learning.
    • Renovate athletic facilities
      • Resurface tennis courts which are cracking and becoming uneven
      • Pave an access road to the soccer field and baseball diamonds north of the school
      • Install brick dugouts for the softball field
      • Replace aging scoreboards at the soccer field, baseball and softball fields, and football field
      • Replace football field surface when it reaches the end of its expected lifespan (in another five years)
    • Upgrade elevator, which was installed when the building was opened in 1970.
    • Update classroom technology and infrastructure when it reaches the end of its useful life.
    • Purchase laptops for all 9-12 grade students. Students have outgrown the iPads at the high school. A laptop will allow them to both consume and create projects and assignments and further allow for personalized learning. 

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