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  • Richards Middle School Bands

    Mr. Sheldon Santamaria, Director

    Our program consists of a 7th grade band and an 8th grade band. These courses are a continuation of the Fraser Elementary band program. Students will be introduced to a variety of music styles, learning how to perform them all. With these courses being a continuation, the students will continue to learn and build upon the ideas and techniques of an elementary school band and become more proficient in their performance. Students will perform more difficult music with a greater sense of musicality. We will make leaps and bounds in musical ability.

    An opportunity for the students to perform at the annual Solo & Ensemble festival is available. Information will be passed out in October. Finally, there will be 3 mandatory concerts (Winter, Festival, Spring) with the 8th graders having an additional MSBOA Band Festival competition concert. These dates are listed in the Band Calendar on Canvas.

    Class Supplies: 

    • All students must have and supply their own 3 ring 1” or 1.5” binder

    • Essential Elements Method Book 1 + 2

    • Pencil

    • Instrument in working condition with mouthpiece, oil, reeds, etc.

    • Band Uniform

    Additional Classroom Expectations:

    There will be mandatory after-school rehearsals throughout the year to prepare for concerts. Late buses will be available for these practices. The dates will be given as we move closer to the concert.

    There are band lockers available for students for use during the school day for instruments only. Instruments must go home every day for the students to complete their practice and band “homework” for the day. Random locker checks will be done throughout the school year for a grade.

    Students are not required to take lessons but they are HIGHLY recommended! Please contact me for a current list of lesson teachers.

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