We are Fraser. We Rise.

  • Rise Academy Group Photo
    FHS students pose at the first RISE Leadership Academy, held in spring 2017.

    In the fall of 2016, several coaches, former student athletes and the athletic director created a coaches council to determine how to unify and energize the department, programs, and student-athletes. The group developed three things: new Rambler and Knights logos, a department slogan, and the framework for a leadership academy for student-athletes.

    The new logos will replace the various logos that have evolved over time with cohesive and refreshed looks. It symbolizes the future of athletics.

    The department slogan, “We are Fraser. We RISE.” is the result of several Coaches Council meetings and the help of an outside consultant. RISE is an acronym for Resilience, Integrity, Sacrifice and Excellence. The goal was to create a phrase that would represent the department, all coaches and most importantly, all student-athletes.

    Finally, the Council created the framework for the RISE Academy – a leadership academy for one student from each grade and every sport. In May 2017, students spent the day learning from guest speakers, coaches and each other to develop the leaders within the programs.

    Follow-up meetings are planned for every month. Once the process is developed and refined at FHS, it will be incorporated at Richards Middle School. 

    “Our intention is to introduce the program at the middle school level, so that the transition to high school has begun before students walk in to FHS,” said Athletic Director Shane Redshaw.

    Posters and murals are already posted around FHS in the hallways and weight rooms. More will be incorporated as the athletic facilities are upgraded with the bond projects.

Rambler Logo
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