For Immediate Help

  • Macomb County Community Mental Health

    • Call 855-99-MCCMH (855-996-2264) to schedule an appointment; same day appointments are available.
    • For immediate help, call the Crisis Line 24/7 at 586-307-9100.

     Crisis Text Line

    • Text 'Hello' or 'Help' to 741741 to connect with a crisis counselor from the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

    If you are having an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Community Conversation | School Safety

What Has Fraser Done to Address School Safety?

  • In Fraser Public Schools, we take a proactive approach to ensuring our schools and students are safe. Every member of our staff works to create a culture of belonging for each student.

    Mental Health Supports
    Fraser has a longstanding commitment to the mental health and safety of students. The district has the highest ratio of trained mental health staff to students in any public school district in the county. The mental health teams work closely with building leaders to address all threats that are reported.

    The district also provides social-emotional screenings several times a year. This data helps to place the students on the correct tier in our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. It also allows the teachers and mental health teams to monitor the progress of and provide support for each student, as well as identify any changes or causes for concern.

    Beginning in January 2022, we will incorporate the Second Step program into all of our K-8 classrooms. Teachers will share weekly, age-appropriate virtual lessons during class time with students to help them with various social and emotional skills. The program is already being used in our DK, 1st and 2nd grade classes, as well as in classrooms throughout our elementary schools by our social workers.  We have already seen the impact of Second Step from our limited uses, and we are looking forward to expanding this across our elementary and middle schools.

    Physical Safety
    In late 2019, FPS partnered with Secure Education Consultants (SEC), an independent school security company, to review all the safety measures in place throughout the district. Teams from SEC observed each school and building and found found the district had many strong security measures in place. The team from SEC also helped develop the Emergency Response Protocols flipbooks, which provide quick access to addressing a variety of emergency situations.

    All district staff were provided professional development that covered various scenarios as well as what to do in the event of a real emergency.

    Threat Assessments
    Using a threat assessment and response protocol, the principal or building leader and mental health team quickly investigate to determine if the threat is substantive or transient. The protocol also outlines when to involve local law enforcement.

    We continue to have a strong relationship with the Fraser Police Department, as well as the Roseville and Clinton Township Police Departments. We have a full-time Fraser Police Liaison, Officer Scott Eovaldi. While he has an office at Fraser High School, he works in all of our other schools as part of his duties.