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Mr. Huston Julian

My name is Huston Julian. I am the proud principal at Richards Middle School, a former Dooley Elementary student, an RMS alum, and a Fraser High School graduate class of 1996. I tell all of the Knights this because we may have had different paths in starting our middle school years. Our reality is that our students and families are merging together from different elementary schools, may have grown up in a different neighborhood, possibly even went to a different school district entirely. But our common theme now is that we are all RMS Knights.

I welcome you all to Richards Middle School and our middle school journey, which may be, at times, fun, challenging, and adventurous! It will be an exciting time for our students to learn, build relationships, and grow increasingly independent. 

So, what is middle school?

Richards Middle School is a place where students from Fraser’s six elementary schools grow together. The middle level years are spent learning new social skills and preparing our students for high school by developing study habits and improving their academic skills. RMS is an exciting place where our students can join clubs, be a team member, go to dances, and work with a team of teachers daily. It's a feeling of spirit--a school spirit of pride and belonging.  It's a staff of teachers, administrators, counselors, and helpful parents who are focused on “doing great things for our kids” and want to help them grow as much as possible. Richards Middle School is a stepping-stone toward high school and beyond.

You will notice the phrase “Honor the Castle” around our building. Here at Richards Middle School, we honor the building and our students by promoting being safe, responsible, and respectful. RMS is comprised of many pieces, and our most valuable resources are our students, families, and our staff. Together we will accomplish great things during the school year. “Honor the Castle” is our vehicle of how we aim to connect our RMS family together. The intention of the saying is purposeful to relate to all facets of RMS.  The saying “Honor the Castle” is something that we can rally behind, reminding us that our RMS community is made up of many components, and we make one another better together. I believe that every single person that comes in contact with RMS has the same common goal and that it is our students’ success. 

*Why The word “Honor”- Honor is the currency of elevation and one cannot be an extension of a place they do not honor

*Why the word “Castle”-  It is a respect to our nickname “Knights” but also relates to the purpose of a castle during medieval times being “a large building fortified for protection.” We want our RMS stakeholders to feel that Richards Middle School is home and a place worth valuing.

Educationally Yours,
Huston Julian
Proud Principal

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