FHS Online Learning

  • Online learning has provided students with another avenue of learning at Fraser High School. From placing Promethean interactive boards in every classroom to the institution of the Performing Arts Academy, Fraser Public Schools has always been at the forefront in educational innovation. Fraser is choosing to continue the innovation by offering online courses. Numerous educational institutions are embracing online learning and each uses different terminology. To help you understand our course offerings, the definitions we use at Fraser are:

    • Online Learning: A teaching method that includes any combination of face-to-face (F2F) time, where students are with the teacher in the classroom, and online time where they are not with the teacher.
    • Hybrid: A course that has set F2F time and online time.
    • Virtual: A course that is 100% online; students only meet with teacher F2F if they set up an appointment.
    • Blended Learning: A teaching method that makes use of technology to increase student achievement.
    • Flipping: A form of blended learning that has students watch content-specific videos as homework and then complete application/practice problems in the classroom. (As opposed to the traditional lecture in class with practice/application as homework.)

    Our commitment to providing online learning opportunities for our students is just one more example of our dedication to student success and our drive to stay on the cutting edge of education. We have taken the time to develop courses that will maintain the rigor and academic excellence that have become a cornerstone of our schools. Our Hybrid model allows students to take advantage of a blended learning environment that will balance an online experience while at the same time maintaining interaction between the teacher and the student.   All of our online courses are developed and taught by Fraser High School teachers so that they are in alignment with Fraser curriculum. Whether face-to-face, hybrid, or virtual, the student will get the same rigorous course. This model will allow students to continue to progress toward their educational goals in a variety of ways and support the high academic expectation that we have for all Fraser High School students.

    FHS OLA Contract 18-19

    Open Campus Policy
    The open campus polic at Fraser High School is outllined in the letter attached below.  Please read it carefully and make sure your student(s) understand the requirements of earning this privilege.  Once you have read this policy, please click on the link that will take you to the Open Campus Permission Form and complete the form.

    Online Intro Letter

    Open Campus Policy

    Open Campus Permission Form 

    Online Hybrid Learning Courses Offered:  

    English                                                               Science Social Studies
    Creative Writing Astronomy AP U.S. History
    English 9: Intro to Online Learning* Credit Recovery Biology Economics
    English 11 Environmental  U.S. Government
    English 12    
    Journalism Family & Consumer Sciences Business
    Yearbook Life Management Skills Personal Finance
      Surviving After High School                    CTE Career Explorations
    Performing Arts    
    Virtual Music History    

    *This course will be taught in a computer lab to provide Freshmen with support when needed.