Credit Recovery

  • Fraser High School offers free credit recovery after school and during the summer.  Please reach out to your student's counselor for more information.


    Approved Credit Recovery Programs Authorization form is required, please see your counselor.

    Brigham Young Independent Study ClassesOnline classes available through Brigham Young. Class must be pre-approved by your counselor or administrator.

    Clintondale Virtual School offers classes for credit recovery.  You must have written permission from your counselor in order to register. Self-directed classes are not acceptable. Classes last 8 weeks. More information can be found by calling 791.4110.

    Michigan Virtual School offers basic courses online.  Student-directed courses will not be accepted.  Go to the link below for more information.  Please contact your counselor for a letter approving any courses prior to enrolling.  Self-directed classes are not acceptable.


    Alternative Schools

    If you are interested in an alternate program for your child to meet graduation requirements, please see the list of alternate schools.

    Alternative Schools in Macomb County