Early Childhood Care


    Early Childhood Care provides Childcare for children at Dooley.

    We provide an opportunity to enrich their social skills and supplement  their preschool learning.

    • 3-5 year olds
    • Open from 6:30am-6:00 pm  

    Ready to Register for Tuition Preschool or Early Childhood Care?


    Registration Fee: $60/child or $75/family 

    $15/child if already registered in preschool

    $100 security deposit required.

    $5.25/hr billed every 2 weeks

    Child Schedule Information

    Schedule: Parent/Guardian Provides a schedule at registration

    • Only registered students will be allowed to enter ECC, no ‘drop-in’ childcare.
    • The schedule must be submitted at registration.
    • Changes to the schedule need to be approved by childcare staff and bookkeepers based on space available.
    • Children will be put on a waiting list if space is not available.

    Payment Information

    • Parents/legal guardians need to submit payment based on the schedule provided at the time of registration.
    •  Invoices will be sent every two weeks. 
    • If the account is not kept current or is chronically delinquent, we reserve the right to terminate care until full payment is made or to terminate childcare permanently.
    • Families with overdue accounts from past school years must pay the balance in full before the current year registration will be accepted. We reserve the right to deny childcare services when payment is delinquent.

    Dooley Parent Handbook