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Student Led Conferences


Our teachers are looking forward to meeting with some of you during our March Student-Led Conferences. Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, March 9th, from 1:00-3:30 pm and from 4:30-7:30 pm.

These conferences are by request only.

Classroom teachers will be sending out requests to individual parents by Wednesday, March 1st ,if a conference is needed. If you do not receive a request by this date, you have a chance to request one by reaching out to the teacher directly or by using the links provided in next week's edition of this newsletter.

Special Education Teachers will also be reaching out to families individually to schedule conferences as needed. Specials teachers will be available during designated conference times should you have questions or concerns. Students are encouraged to attend these conferences with their parent/ guardian, but it is not required.

Conferences are by request. However, if your child's teacher did not request one and you would like to meet to discuss you child's progress, you may sign-up by selecting a link below.


Kindergarten: Mrs. Svoboda

First Grade: Ms. Love

First Grade: Mrs. Pozolo

Second Grade: Mrs. Engle

Second Grade: Mrs. Lerchen

Third Grade: Mrs. Filip

Third Grade: Mrs. Hamilton

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Argiri-Slone

Fourth Grade: Mr. Fallucca

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Oddo

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Gumm

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Ostrowski

Sxith Grade: Mrs. Capoferri

Sixth Grade: Mrs. McGuffey

Resource Room: Mrs. Bungart