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Future Teachers Visit Dooley

Future Teachers Visit The Dooley Center

Fraser High School students who are a part of the Future Teachers class visited four-year-old preschool classes at The Dooley Center. The four-year-olds were very excited to have them come into their classroom. This experience allowed the FHS students to see first-hand an actual group of preschool students and have the chance to interact with them in small centered groups. 

The first group of high school students was given a two-step coloring activity to do with several preschool children. They asked the four-year-olds to find a specific color and color a specific item or items in a picture. The children were identifying the correct color and following a specific direction. If a child didn't understand the direction, the high school student gave them help by encouraging them to listen and look again.  This interactive activity promotes color recognition and following a two-step direction.

In the next center, the preschool students were guided to decorate numbered Christmas trees with the correct number of pom-poms as ornaments. In this activity, the future teachers helped them to identify the number and count correctly for each Christmas tree. The purpose of this activity is number recognition, fine motor coordination, and one to one correspondence.

The preschool students built 3-D trees using magnet tiles and decorating them with bells in the last center. The FHS students guided the children through the process of identifying how to manipulate the triangular tiles in a specific way to form the 3-D trees. To perform this activity, children needed to use special recognition, fine motor, and eye-hand coordination.  Once the trees were formed, they were asked to decorate them with different colored bells.