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Elementary Band

Our program consists of Introduction to Instrumental Music (5th grade Song Flute), 5th grade Beginning band, and 6th grade band

5th grade Introduction to Instrumental Music
For our 5th grade students, a unit called Introduction to Instrumental Music occurs during the first 7 weeks of the school year. Every 5th grader in the district receives this instruction. During this time, students will learn how to play the song flute, as well as review and apply many of the skills they have learned in their vocal music class. They will also learn new skills in areas such as: note recognition, reading and counting rhythms, tone production, tempo and pulse, etc.  This 7 week unit concludes with a concert (see Elementary School Band Handbook- Schedule of Events).  After the Song Flute Concert, students may elect to continue in the program by joining the 5th grade Beginning Band. There will be an Instrument Rental Night immediately following the concert .

5th Grade Beginning Band 
In 5th grade, beginning band is an optional program, which starts after Song Flute Concert/Rental Night in October. Students can continue in the instrumental music program on a variety of band instruments. The instrumentation of the 5th grade band is only limited in the area of percussion. Students who are interested in playing percussion are accepted by audition only. This is to limit the number of students in that area because of the availability of parts in any band situation. For our band program to provide the best possible learning scenario for every student, the balance of instrumentation must be addressed. Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet/Cornet and Trombone are not limited and any student may choose to play them in 5th grade. Students chosen to play percussion are required to have a “bell kit” for both 5th and 6th grade band. 

tudents who decide to continue in the band program must obtain an instrument on their own. They are also required to have a music stand and a band book (the "Essential Elements" method book). Some school instruments are available for 6th grade students and at the middle and high school level; however, those are specialty instruments like the French horn, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon, baritone, tenor or baritone saxophones, or tuba. These instruments are not typically played in 5th grade.

Information on obtaining an instrument for band will be provided during the “Introduction to Song Flute” portion of the program. Additional information may be obtained by emailing the band instructor at your child’s school. 

There are two (2) band concerts required for 5th grade beginning band students: one in the winter and one in the spring (seeElementary School Band Handbook- Schedule of Events). There are no other after school requirements, other than regular “at-home” practice. 

6th Grade Band 
6th Grade Band is a continuation of the study of instrumental music. The students have the same requirements in regards to instruments as 5th Grade Band. There are some additional after school requirements needed to increase the level of performance and achievement during the year. 

Students who are new to the district may learn an instrument in 6th grade. It is strongly recommended that those students also see a private tutor to help catch them up. 

There will be two (2) concerts 
required for 6th grade band: one during the winter and one in the spring (see Elementary School Band Handbook- Schedule of Events). Information regarding any extra rehearsals will be sent home and posted on this web page. Attendance at any non-schedule event will be voluntary.

Private Lessons/Band Tutors
Information regarding lessons is available from the band teacher. Lessons are not required but are highly recommended. Private instruction greatly enhances a child’s learning. The individualized instruction can help guide a student in any areas of weakness, and the tutor can give instrument-specific strategies to improve elements of a student's playing. Many band members from Fraser High School will tutor 5th and 6th grade band students or you can choose from several professional teachers as well. 

Book Requirements 
All 5th and 6th grade band students use “Essential Elements" for their instruction. These books can be obtained at most of the local music stores. Each student must have their own book specific to his or her instrument. This book must be brought to school along with the instrument and folding music stand for each class session ( see Elementary School Band Handbook- Weekly Band Schedule). 


Questions regarding 5th or 6th grade Band?

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