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Fraser Educational Foundation Grants Awarded

Each year, the Fraser Educational Foundation awards single and mini grants through a competitive process to Fraser employees. The grants are used to fund projects that are not covered by the normal school or district budget. The following recipients were surprised in January with a giant check. 

Lori Wetzel – Richards Middle School
$1,000 Mini Grant

Lori wetzel poses with her large check

Ms. Wetzel will purchase books for all elementary and the RMS libraries that include characters with commonly underrepresented populations. “I want all Fraser students to be able to find books on the shelves with which they can personally identify,” Ms. Wetzel said in her application. “I want them to find characters that look like them and share common experiences.” Teachers will also be able to use the books to facilitate a culturally responsive classroom.

Sara Belvedere – Fraser High School
$450 Mini Grant

Sara Belvedere poses with her large check

Ms. Belvedere will purchase flexible seating for her classroom to increase student engagement and choice. “Choice allows students to select the best type of learning experience for them and keeps classrooms activities from getting too predictable,” Ms. Belvedere said in her application. The floor seats and bean bag chairs will allow students to move around the room and make decisions that are best for their learning.

Kelly Zombo – Eisenhower Elementary
$1,500 Single Grant

kelly zombo poses with her giant check

Ms. Zombo will use the grant to create a thinkerspace/imagination station in the media center at Eisenhower. “We would like to increase the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of all of our students making this change to a thinkerspace and including more STEM activities,” said Ms. Zombo in her application.