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Board of Education Adopts Resolution Opposing Marijuana

The Fraser Public Schools Board of Education unanimously voted to approve a Resolution opposing commercialized marijuana facilities, both medical and recreational, in Clinton Township, Fraser and Roseville.

The Board Resolution, which you can read here, cites data about the negative academic, behavioral, emotional and physical consequences of youth marijuana use. It also notes the connection between commercialized marijuana businesses in a community and increased rates of youth marijuana use and addiction.

The passage of Proposal 1 on the November 2018 ballot allowed for recreational marijuana use everywhere in the state. It also allowed local governments to prohibit commercialized marijuana businesses in their communities.

“As a Board of Education, our number one priority is always what’s best for kids. We believe that the presence of marijuana facilities in our community would expose our young people to an irresponsible amount of risk that we cannot in good conscience tolerate,” said Board of Education President Laura Edghill. “We believe this resolution is an important step towards safeguarding their futures, and we are asking the Cities of Fraser and Roseville, as well as Clinton Township, to stand with us by not allowing commercial marijuana businesses to set up shop in the area.”

The resolution asks the leaders of Clinton Township, Fraser and Roseville to consider the welfare of our students and prohibit commercial marijuana facilities.

“Study after study has shown the negative effects of marijuana on youth. I applaud our Board of Education for being proactive and adopting this resolution. It shows their commitment to doing what is best for our students and community,” said Superintendent Carrie Wozniak.