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Districts Visit Fraser Public Schools

Districts Visit FPS 

Recently, district leaders from Eaton ISD and Owosso Public Schools visited our district.  The focus of their visit was learning about our Competency-Based Education journey, digital ecosystem, Portrait of a Graduate, hybrid classes, and multi-tiered systems of support. The Eaton ISD has come to Fraser before, and they continue to work with us on understanding Competency-Based Education. 

During the site visit portion at Richards Middle School, visitors were given an overview of the learning environment at the middle school, both the social-emotional and physical environment. These two aspects are extremely important for our students, families, and colleagues. Everything from our classroom and building walls to the arrangement of the desks sends impressions to the learners and affect the way our students connect to their learning and growth. 

RMS staff highlighted their use of space around the building and classrooms, integration of technology, collaborative spaces for learning, and student choice opportunities. The visitors learned of the implementation efforts around flexible learning to meet the students’ individual needs.  

After visiting Richards Middle School, our guests moved over to the high school. At the high school, they visited the media center, the performing arts department, including the band room, the choir room, and the piano lab.   
While in the Career Technology Education Department guests were taken through the Mechanical Design Lab, the Welding Shop, and our new Cyber Lab where our Computer Programming, Web Design, and new Cybersecurity programs were highlighted.  In addition, FANUS professional robotics certifications allowing our electronics students to transition seamlessly into the workforce were discussed.  

Visitors also wanted an opportunity to speak with our students and teachers regarding the changes we have made with our learning environments.  The student and teacher panel provided our guests with wonderful insight and thoughtful reflections on the impact of our technology and instructional redesign efforts. 



 Talking with Our Students