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Fraser Students Outperform Peers

Students in Fraser Public Schools Continue to Outperform their Peers in Macomb County and Michigan on the Statewide M-STEP Assessment.

The district received the data from the assessment that all students in grades 3–8 and 11 took this past April and May. When ranked by the percentage who earned a score of proficient or higher, FPS students were in the top 10 in grades 3–7 for math and grades 5–7 for English language arts (ELA).

“We are starting to see some positive results from our focus on math in recent years,” said Dr. Donna Anderson, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. “As we look at the data, we look for trends. This year, we noticed as students move up through the grades, Fraser’s rank in the county also moves up.”

Of note, the 7th-grade average was the fourth highest in the county for math. The 47.3 percent of 7th-grade students proficient on the math assessment was more than 11 percentage points higher than the state and county average.

In ELA, Fraser 7th-grade students also performed extremely well: 55.8 percent were proficient — about 13 percentage points higher than their peers.

“Once we receive our district data, we compare it to previous years, as well as to the state and county. This year, we are seeing that our students are gaining on their peers in the county. We believe our comprehensive multi-tiered systems of support process is allowing us to identify students in need and implement research-based programs to support them and help close the gaps.”

Fraser 3rd-grade students’ average percent of proficient ranked 15th in the county for ELA. But, by 7th grade, that ranking increased to second.

The data also provides an opportunity for the district to identify areas of focus and those which need improvement. The district is working with the MISD to support teacher development in the area of K–6 literacy.

“We know that our Tier 1 reading instruction is a priority for us. We have scheduled professional learning opportunities related to literacy for our staff. This is very important with the Read by Grade Three law in effect this year,” said Dr. Anderson.

At Richards Middle School, 8th-grade students took the PSAT last year. This test provides a baseline for students as they prepare for the SAT in 11th grade. Fraser students outperformed the county and state. RMS had 66.4 percent of students proficient or advanced on the evidence-based reading and writing portion of the test, and 43.8 percent in math. Both scores are about 3 percentage points higher than the county average.

Finally, in Fraser High School, students took the SAT this past April. The average score was 984.3, which was more than 9 points higher than the county average of 975. FHS teachers and administrators worked with students and used PSAT data to help them prepare for the SAT. When comparing the 2018 PSAT 10 data with the 2019 SAT data, the average FHS score jumped 91 points while the statewide data saw an increase of 65 points.

“We understand that this is summative data that represents achievement on one specific assessment day,” Dr. Anderson said. “In Fraser, we pride ourselves on looking at multiple data points which include analyzing our local benchmark scores and various student evidence.”