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Open Campus for Juniors and Seniors

Hello Parents/Guardians of Juniors and Seniors,

As you are aware, Fraser High School offers open-campus privileges for qualifying students during SMART hour.  We will be opening this privilege up to seniors and juniors on Monday, October 9th.  The criteria and protocols for students regarding open-campus are listed below:

• Students MUST have an 80% (or earning credit in a CR/NC class) in all classes.

• Students must not have more than 3 tardy/UNV in the previous week.

• Students MUST have their student ID.

• Students cannot leave if they have been denied by an administrator for discipline reasons.

• If students decide to not leave, they must stay in their class and operate under normal school policies.

• Students may only exit from the Main Office or the Klein doors.  Failure to do so will be considered skipping.

• Students’ parents/guardians must fill out the parent consent form to give permission.  If parents/guardians have filled this out previously, then there is no need to fill it out again. 

Here is the link to the form:

• This privilege can be revoked for any reason by parent/guardian, teacher, or administrator.

• Parents/guardians will be notified via email when their child enters and exits the building.

Also, students must check in with their SMART teacher and show their grades to their SMART teacher before leaving.

If you have questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Ryan D. SInes, Ed.S.


Fraser High School