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Dear Ramblers:

Fraser High School is extremely excited to welcome our incoming 9th graders and returning 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students to our August orientation for the 2022-2023 school year. Orientation will take place on two separate days with an additional day for freshmen to experience an extended orientation event with our student leaders in Link Crew (more information on this will be coming soon).  All students are encouraged to attend and complete the following items:

  • Take school photos and get student ID’s (Life Touch will only be doing online ordering for pictures – information will be sent out later).Please note that the dress code policy is in effect for all school photos.The dress code is described in section 1.9 of the student code of conduct – the exception is that we DO NOT allow hats for student photos.
  • Receive the 1st semester schedule of classes with locker number and combination
  • Get necessary textbooks for scheduled courses
  • Pay any fines
  • Order a Homecoming T-Shirt (optional, $10)
  • Order Homecoming dance tickets (optional, $20, all fines must be paid before tickets can be purchased)
  • Licensed drivers can order a parking permit ($40, checks payable to Fraser High School)
  • Order yearbooks (Price information will be sent out at a late date)

NOTE:  If you are new to the district, please contact the high school at (586) 439-7200 to verify your child has completed our enrollment process and is on our records before attending orientation.

In addition to the above items, freshmen will take part in the Freshmen Orientation Day with Link Crew.  Link Crew is a group of upper classmen leaders dedicated to helping freshmen transition into the high school.  Please note this is an additional day for Freshmen.  During this activity freshmen students will meet their leaders, participate in team building, and tour the building. 

Please see the schedule below:

Schedule for Orientation Days

*Students report anytime within the timeframe of their letter of the alphabet.

**Freshmen have a standard orientation day as well as a Link Crew orientation day.


8/16/22 – Tuesday


Freshmen (Students Only) – Link Crew Orientation

All freshmen

8:00am – 11:00am

Please enter through the athletic entrance upon arrival


8/17/22 - Wednesday


Last name M – Z     8:00am – 9:15am

Last name A – L   9:15am – 10:30am



Last name A – L     12:00pm – 1:15pm

Last name M – Z    1:15pm – 2:30pm


8/18/22 - Thursday

Freshmen – Standard Orientation


Last name A – L     8:00am – 9:15am

Last name M – Z    9:15am – 10:30am



Last name M – Z     12:00pm – 1:15pm

Last name A – L    1:15pm – 2:30pm


At orientation, there will be 7 stations – not all are required.  Please see the station list below and reference it on your orientation day.  Everyone will start at Station 1 in the cafeteria.


  • Station 1:  Student photos – Required – this station is in the cafeteria and students will get their picture taken and receive their student ID cards.


  • Station 2:  Student Schedule – Required – This station is in the cafeteria as well.  Students need to pick up their schedule in order to receive their textbooks.


  • Station 3:  Pay fines or fees – Optional – This station is in the media center and is only for students who have a fine/fee to pay.  Students must have these paid to purchase a Homecoming ticket.


  • Station 4:  Textbooks – Required – This station is in the bookroom by the café on the south side of the building.  Students will receive necessary texts for their courses.


  • Station 5:  Parking Permit – Optional – This station is in the café.  Any student with a valid driver’s license and insurance can purchase a parking permit.


  • Station 6:  Yearbooks – Optional – This station is by room 1800 (near the café).  Students may purchase their yearbook and get reduced pricing at this time.


  • Station 7:  Homecoming items – Optional – This station is by room 1813 near the gym.  Students may purchase a Homecoming shirt or dance ticket.  All fees must be paid in order to purchase a dance ticket.


**Note about schedule changes – FHS Counselors will have open office hours on August 22nd and August 23rd from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm. 

You can also complete the link below if you would like to request a schedule change.  Your counselor will contact you regarding your request upon their return to the building.



We are looking forward to a great start of the 2022-23 year!!