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Students of the Year

Avery TownsendSocial Studies: Olivea Henderson

Many teachers in the Social Studies Department were on board with Olivea as the choice for Student of the Year. They see her as a positive force in their classrooms and a really good person.

Olivea is a leader, as demonstrated by her positions in different organizations. She has maintained a 4.2 GPA while taking advanced course work and maintaining a job.  She competed at DECA, is a Board member of HOSA, a member of Link Crew and NTHS.



Leydi DuletzkeIndustrial Technology: Benjamin DeHate

Benjamin has completed 14 semesters of Industrial Technology classes and a total of 19 semesters within the CTE Department. On top of the number of CTE courses he has taken, Benjamin completed six semesters of AP/Accelerated courses and currently has a 3.46 GPA. After high school, Benjamin plans on
attending a trade school to be either an electrician,
mechanic, or fire fighter.

Benjamin can be seen in class working with other students. He leads by example and students are just drawn to his natural leadership. 



Vanessa Ellis English: Vanessa Ellis

 Vanessa has had a positive impact on the English department by being a hard-   working participant in our accelerated and AP English courses for her four years   at Fraser High School. Her creativity, work ethic, and exemplary interpersonal   skills make her an excellent role model to other students. This has been true of   Vanessa since she first distinguished herself as a student in accelerated English   9, and it remains true now as she embarks on her final semester at FHS.

 She plans on finishing the early college program to get an associate of arts   degree and then she’d like to pursue her education further by transferring to a university. She hopes to go into the marketing field and work in graphics.

Isabella Vizzini Science: Isabella Vizzini

 Isabella has taken Biology, Acc. Chemistry, College Chemistry, AP Biology,   Environmental, Physics I, Neuroscience (Independent Study).

 The work that Isabella submits is always at the highest level. Her focus on the   details and nuance of a problem sets her apart from all of her classmates.Isabella   has continued to set the example for all students in her classes. Her work ethic,   how she collaborates during labs and her continued efforts to learn more and dig   deeper set an example many students can learn from.


David KlinkART:  David Klink

David has been a fixture in the FHS Art Rooms since his freshman year, through the Pandemic, and now as an advanced Art Student. David has been honored with several Gold Keys through Scholastics Art Awards as well as Silver Keys as Honorable Mentions. He has also been showcased at the Anton Art Center, as well as at the FPS K-12 Art Show. David has a skill set that is seldom seen in artwork at FHS - both technically skilled and his humor comes through. David has been a positive influence on his peers as well as a consistent hard worker. He is a member of the NAHS and works every day to make his work standout and improve.


Jordyn McDonald Business/Culinary: Jordyn McDonald

Jordyn has thrived since Kindergarten at Fraser, maintaining a 3.8 GPA and has received all A’s for the last couple of years. Although she has proven to excel in culinary arts, her passion to be a future teacher has her currently enrolled at Calvin University. She is a part of the Future Teacher program where she works at Richards Middle school as a student teacher. During this program, she attended multiple leadership activities, such as CTE Lunch-n-Learn as well as advisory meetings and a handful of other activities.Her skills, knowledge, willingness to help others, and dedication to our school and the community make her our Student of the Year for the Business Department.


Lanie Shrum French: Lanie Shrum
Lanie has attended Fraser Public schools since kindergarten and was a student at Disney elementary school. Lanie had previously been a member of the Student Council at high school. After high school, Lanie plans to attend Michigan State University in order to study either Environmental Engineering or Geotechnical Engineering. Lanie is an extremely dedicated French student. She is able to very quickly internalize all we have learned and apply her newfound knowledge almost immediately in classroom conversation. Although Lanie is a junior, she is taking senior level Math and English classes. Lanie has also been accepted into the Early College Macomb program. Through this program, she will have earned an Associate degree in General studies one year after high school graduation.


Sara Shelton Spanish: Sara Shelton
Sara has attended FPS since 6th grade. Sara is in AP English 11, AP government, accelerated Spanish 4, chem 2, life management, and culinary practice. Her current GPA is 3.336. She is on the track team and enjoys drawing, reading, baking and cooking. She is a member of the NHS, volunteers at the local library, tutors before exam week. She was also student of the year in 8th grade for team Big shots. Sara volunteers quite a bit. She always takes her time on whatever is assigned, even if it is not being graded. She challenges herself on everything.She is meticulous with her work. She takes the time to look things over before she turns them in to be sure it is her best work.

Jared Wu Mathematics: Jared Wu
Jared was selected for this award because of his deep understanding of mathematics, his participation in the class, and the quality of his work. He is most definitely a gifted, young mathematician. Jared is a member of the band and has also participated in many sports. He has been a member of the Cross Country Team, the Swim Team, the Track Team, and the Tennis Team. Jared's plan after graduation is to attend St. Clair Community College, in the nursing program. He wants to be an intensive care nurse before he applies to CRNA school. We believe that Jared is destined to make a difference in the world. We wish him the very best of luck. Congratulations!



Adam Sukiennik Family & Consumer Science:  Adam Sukiennik
Adam serves as a role model to all Future Teacher students. As a virtual student in Future Teacher, he did a fantastic job staying motivated and serving as an example to his peers. He prepared one of the most impressive mock interviews that I will never forget! As a capstone student, he is driven and motivated to make the most  of his experiences. He has attended Fraser Public Schools since Pre-school, Extra Curricular Activities: Marching Band (Section leader), Link Crew Commissioner College and Career: Macomb Community College for his associate degree, and Michigan University for a Bachelor's degree in Education. Adam has the ability to make an impact on his peers and in the classrooms that he serves. It is evident through his field placements and in class discussions and assignments.


John Willaert

Physical Education:  John Willaert
John is continually demonstrating a positive attitude towards the physical education department and students. He has a welcoming presence and shares laughs with others. He has helped others that may not be as athletic in a positive way. John is a varied athlete and has taken on a leadership role that others follow. Johns love for sport is manifested in how he participates with energy and enthusiasm. His effort provides others with the example of proper participation and it is greatly appreciated.



Natalie Watson Vocal Music: Natalie Watson
Natalie is currently a member of the Fraser Singers, Symphony Band, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, the Fraser Performing Arts Career Academy and is currently Tri-M Treasurer. She participated in District & State Vocal Solo & Ensemble d Theatrical Solo & Ensemble, receiving first-division ratings each and every time. Outside of school, Natalie works with the Detroit Opera House, has been awarded first place in MMA Vocal Classical Open, second place in MMA Vocal Inspirational Open, and a national finalist in AGM Classical Vocal NAIC.Natalie is maintaining a 3.826 GPA overall. She plans on attending Catholic University of America and majoring in Music for Musical Theatre.


Michael DomenicucciInstrumental Music: Michael Domenicucci
Michael is an outstanding percussionist, and one of many characteristics that make him standout as the Student of the Year is his leadership, which is evident in every ensemble he is a member of. Michael is a section leader of the drumline in the marching band, performing on the tenor drums for all four years. He is also a section leader in the top-performing ensemble, the Symphony Band, in which he has participated for the past two years, and he performs the drum set and auxiliary percussion in the Jazz band, of which he has been a member for all four years. He is an outstanding drum set player and dynamic soloist in the Jazz ensemble. Michael has competed in the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association District and State Solo & Ensemble Festivals as a member of the percussion ensemble.