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Students of the Year

Avery TownsendArt: Avery Townsend

Avery is finishing her career at Fraser High School and will take her artistic talents to the College of Creative Studies to pursue her desire to become the best artist she can be and to give back to the community as an art educator.  In being accepted to CCS, Avery was awarded an $80,000 scholarship and is also in the running for other CCS scholarships.



Leydi DuletzkeBusiness: Leydi Duletzke

Leydi may be characterized as shy, but she is definitely a leader. She assists fellow students and has presented her work at the RMS Lunch & Learn Workshops.  Her perseverance and organizational skills have made her highly marketable, especially in the business department.




Nolan Pieprzyk - social studiesSocial Studies: Nolan Pieprzyk

Nolan is a leader.  He is knowledgeable and confident in what he does.  Nolan comes prepared for class and sets a good example. He helps keep conversations going when others may not be prepared.  He also offers suggestions for students to better understand the content.




Johnny Wiebe - Industrial TechIndustrial Technology: Johnny Wiebe

Johnny works hard in class and has done very well in CTE.  His work in class is impeccable.  He thinks through the parts/designs to best develop/create them and uses those same skills in woodworking and welding.  He thinks in a very logical manner and can articulately describe what he is doing and why. He can be seen in class working with other students.  He leads by example and students are just drawn to his natural leadership.  What I liked the most is that he is also not afraid to ask for help from others when he needs it.  As a leader, that can be one of the toughest things to do, but he seems to have conquered it.


Olivia Holley - ScienceScience: Olivia Holley

Olivia is just really good at science, and she is the only student to have taken both College Chemistry and AP Biology.  She's extremely thorough and conscientious. She knows what she's doing and she's a go-getter. Olivia helped to get the National Science Honor Society started at Fraser High School and she also helped recruit students to make sure that College Chemistry was offered.




caitlin mulkey - englishEnglish: Caitlin Mulkey

Caitlin is a very conscientious student. She never submits anything less than her best work. She is also aware that, despite being an efficient reader and writer, she can always see room for improvement. Because of this, she values the constructive criticism that her teachers give her. Caitlin exemplifies the qualities that we hope all of our English students will emulate. She works extremely hard and she takes immense pride in her work. Her skills in text analysis, academic and creative writing, and class discussion have impressed her English teachers year after year.



Olivea Debets Health Science: Oliva DeBets

Olivia works at the Neighborhood Club in Grosse Pointe, is on the softball team, Link Crew, 4As, National Technical Honor Society, and HOSA-Future Health Professionals. She serves as our HOSA Corresponding Secretary/Treasurer and competed in the Sports Medicine event on the Michigan HOSA Regional and State Levels. She also served as an athletic training student assistant at football games this past fall…gaining some great experience from our athletic trainer, Emily Papale. Adrian College will welcome Olivia next year as she begins her degree in exercise science/athletic training.

Emily Plouff Physical Education: Emily Plouff

Emily is a tireless worker in the classroom and in the gym. She excels in    Cross Country and has used her skills to assist others. She is a leader  and others gravitate to her due to her  welcoming smile. 

Emily consistently has demonstrated a servant leader attitude. She assists i many areas of need for our department. Emily is often seen in the community running, as fitness is important to her. She is also in peer to peer where she is willing to do whatever is asked of her to make others experiences more enjoyable.


Lily Schuh French: Lily Schuh

Lily has proved herself throughout the years to be an excellent student who takes pride in everything she does. She is extremely hard working, self-motivated and intelligent. Lily readily participates in classroom discussions and shines in her ability to pick up new material. 

Lily pays attention to every detail of her language study, and her assignments are always carefully and thoughtfully done. She readliy applies new material in class and is a role model for those around her.


Adam Valade Mathematics:  Adam Valade

Adam was selected for this award because of his deep understanding of mathematics, his participation in the class, and the quality of the work that he’s submitted. He is most definitely a gifted, young mathematician. His favorite class at Fraser was Accelerated Algebra 2 with Mrs. Warga.

In addition to his talent in mathematics, Adam is a member of HOSA, TRI-M (Largest TRI-M Fraser has ever had) and the Saxophone ensemble. He’s also done Marching Band for the last 4 years. He has taken 3 AP courses and is dual enrolled at MCC in Spanish and philosophy.

Carter Braun Spanish: Carter Braun

Carter is the top scorer on almost all of the Spanish 4 tests. His speaking presentations are top level and he has an ease with which he presents and knows the material.

Students look to Carter for help in not only Spanish but for other classes. He seems to be the goto in our classroom for many things.

Everyone respects Carter for his great wealth of knowledge in Spanish as well as other subjects. Although Carter is quiet, he knows what he needs to do.