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Diploma, Cap & Gown Information

Class of 2023 Diploma Information

Dear Senior Parents:

Please use the link below to type the name you wish to be placed on your child's high school diploma. The student's name must be their LEGAL name, no nicknames. It can include a middle name, middle initial or be left out completely. Most students choose to spell it out. Please use upper and lower (A, a) case letters appropriately as this is how it will be printed. Failure to respond will result in your child's name being printed as it is in PowerSchool. Please reach out to your child’s counselor with any questions.


Thank you,
FHS Counseling Department


Class of 2023 Cap and Gown Ordering

Seniors! Ordering a cap and gown is an important part of taking place in the graduation ceremony. The link below is a direct link to the standard cap and gown package. If you would like to order additional senior gear from Josten’s, please feel free to visit their site at for a list of options. Orders for caps and gowns need to be in by February of 2023.


Additionally, students are not allowed to have decorated caps for the graduation ceremony. Some students like to have a decorated cap for the senior walk. Students who like to do this have done one of two things:

  • Ordered an extra cap so they could decorate that one
  • Decorated a piece of poster board or cardboard and taped it to their cap for the walk and could remove it for the ceremony.



Mr. Kyle Ray
Assistant Principal
Fraser High School