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Students of the Year

Congratulations to Fraser High School's Students of the Year! 

Kyle Tretchler

Kyle Tretchler - Math Student of the Year

Kyle placed first in state and third in regional for a math competition called Math Fest. Through class discussion and review of his work, Kyle has shown a higher level of understanding in mathematics. There are plenty of instances where he has provided meaningful discussions in class and even caused the teachers to pause and think a moment about a question, comment, or solution he had.

Lauren Argiri

Lauren Argiri - Math Student of the Year

Lauren was selected for this award because of her deep understanding of mathematics, her willingness to work with others (it is not uncommon to see her up and helping others in the classroom), and her participation in the class. Lauren has the ability to take what is taught and expound on it. While teaching mathematics, it is common to have good students who recognize a set of directions and remember the process for doing what is being asked for; however, it is few and far between that a teacher finds a student who doesn’t just remember directions but truly understands the concepts at their core.

Rachel McMenamin

Rachel McMenamin - World Language-French Student of the Year

Rachel has proved herself throughout the years to be an excellent student who takes pride in everything she does. She leads by example, through her dedication to her school work, as well as her kindness and helpfulness to those around her. Rachel readily participates in classroom discussions and shines in her ability to pick up new material. Her study habits are exemplary, and she is a model for other students in their language learning.

Joseph Kovac

Joseph Kovac - World Language-German Student of the Year

Joe is one of the Class of 2019 valedictorians, while balancing classes at Butcher and extra-curricular activities.  He has a meticulous work ethic, and his language background have assisted him in learning a new language. He has completed German 1-4 as well as AP German.

Yasmeen El-Nazly

Yasmeen El-Nazly - World Language-Spanish Student of the Year

Yasmeen has consistently exhibited genuine engagement, interest, and maximum effort every day in Accelerated Spanish 3, Accelerated Spanish 4, and AP Spanish Language and Culture. She actively participates in class, not only by volunteering but also by asking meaningful questions, the answers to which benefit the class as a whole. She has always set an excellent example for her classmates, routinely choosing to sit toward the front of the room and giving 110% every day.

Briana Van Brabant

Briana VanBrabant - Art – Mixed Media

Bri has been a fixture in the Art Department for several years and is a very active as a member of the FHS National Art Honor Society. This year she has earned this title by her dedication to her art work and original concepts. Bri earned one of five Gold Key Portfolios this year from the Thumb Region of Scholastics Art and Writing Awards as well as a Gold Key for an individual piece, 2 Silver Keys and an honorable Mention in Mixed Media. Her stitching through photographs was original to this year’s show. She took the photographs that she used for her pieces.

Sydney Lenn  

Sydney Lenn – Art - Photography

Sydney has quickly become a fixture in the Art Department. Sydney Joined the National Art Honor Society and has worked hard to produce work that is up to her standards. As a photographer, Sydney has traveled around Detroit with family and friends shooting images as well as brought back images that she took over the summer while in Africa for her mission trip. Through Scholastics, Sydney earned a Silver Key and 2 Honorable Mentions.

Shea Montgomery  

Shea Montgomery – Art – Sculpture

Shea has grown from a fairly timid Freshman in Foundations in Art into a confident Artist as she found a passion. Shea has worked hard to produce finished work that meets her high standards and expectations. Her concepts and ideas for pieces is only outmatched by her willingness to see them through to completion. This year Shea earned Fraser’s first Gold Key in Sculpture in the Scholastics Show for a piece she entitled Heart-NSoul, a four-foot heart that is adorned with a variety of found red objects and materials.

Xandria Sink  

Xandria Sink – Art – Painting

The talent that Xandria shows in her paintings is at a level that has not been seen at FHS in a while. Xandria has been a star in the Art Department for a couple years and has worked even harder as a member of the National Art Honor Society. Xandria’s paintings and Digital Art were awarded at this year’s Scholastic Show and will be entered into Anton as well as our annual K-12 Art Show. Xandria’s attention to details has only gotten better through her experiences and her vision for concepts grows.

Mykaela Worthem  

Mykaela Worthem – Art – Drawing

Mykaela has shown through her use of values and tones in her artwork that she has a skill that most would be awed by. Mykaela’s drawing entitled “FLINT” of two kids brushing their teeth while the water out of the faucet that is tinted yellow earned her honors at this year’s Scholastics Art and Writing Awards. Mykaela pays attention to every detail in her work and has separated herself from her peers.

Lauren Argiri  

Lauren Argiri – Artist of the Year

Whether it is in her photography, painting, or Mixed Media, Lauren has excelled. This year the Art Department challenged our students to produce artwork that represents a social issue; this assignment that reached across all disciplines in the art department was received with various levels of enthusiasm, Lauren accepted this challenge with enthusiasm and interest. Her finished mixed media piece of a sea turtle and other sea creatures swimming through straws and other plastic trash earned her a Gold Key at Scholastics. Lauren’s honors at Scholastics also included 2 Silver Key Portfolios and 2 honorable mentions for photography.

DiaMonte Fentress  

DiaMonte’ Fentress – Business Student of the Year

DiaMonte’ truly embodies the essence of the exceptional student - goal-oriented, focused, determined, cooperative, detail-oriented, polite, and kind. He is a perfect example of what a business leader needs. He completes his work, shares his knowledge, remains optimistic, and is open to new discoveries. DiaMonte’ brings a level of maturity and high expectations that not only his peers recognize and respect, but that also requires his teachers to be prepared to engage and challenge him in the classroom. He gives his all to every assignment, project, and assessment that is asked of him. Not only does he accomplish what is necessary and required in class, but also delivers quality products in the process.

Student of the Year Brian Adler

Brian Alder - English Student of the Year

Brian has attended Fraser Public Schools since kindergarten. As he grown and passed through middle school and high school, he has consistently stayed involved in several extracurricular activities. He played on the basketball team his freshman year. He had been a part of FCCLA all four years of high school, and he has been an officer of that group since his sophomore year. Brian has worked in Sports Broadcasting for Journalism since his sophomore year as well. Brian also joined National Honors Society and has been an active participant during his junior and senior years.

He has taken AC English 9, AC English 10, AP English 11, AP English 12, and the SAT Prep Class. 

Brian is deciding where he would like to go to school next year, but he is considering Oakland University, Michigan State University, and The University of Michigan. He plans to major in Electrical Engineering. His ultimate goal is to find a fulfilling company where he can utilize his talents and thrive in the engineering field. He wants the opportunity to grow as a leader within the engineering field and to promote himself to the highest level. 

Student of the Year Benjamin Moenssen

Benjamin Moenssen - Physical Science Student of the Year

Ben has attended Fraser Public Schools since Kindergarten.  He is involved in Marching Band, Dungeons and Dragons, and the Robotics Team. He has taken AP Biology, College Chemistry, Biology, Accelerated Chemistry, and Accelerated Physics. Ben leads by making others think "out of the box".  He always asks great questions.  

Ben plans to major in Chemistry at Oakland University. 

Student of the Year Josie VanGampelaere

Josie VanGampelaere - Life Science Student of the Year

Josie has attended Fraser Public Schools since Kindergarten and is a quiet leader.  She is not necessarily going to be the first hand up, but she will lead by example.  She does what it takes to be successful no matter how difficult or easy...she gets the job done. She is involved in Student Council, HOSA, 4As, T3, MTHS, NHS, Link Crew, Varsity Soccer, and Rise Athletic Leadership group. Josie has excelled in every class she has taken and has earned all A's in every Science class.

She plans on attending either U of M or Michigan State for nursing, so her expertise extends into the Medical Health classes as well.  Josie has the second-highest score in AP Biology with 99%!

Elise Vitale   

Elise Vitalie - Social Studies Student of the Year

Elise has attended Fraser High School for four years. Elise has earned nine varsity letters during her time at FHS. Elise has 20 varsity awards spread amongst her 3 sports: Volleyball, Basketball, and Track. Most notably, Elise earned all-region in track in 2018 and all-county awards in volleyball and basketball. Elise also played 2 years of J.V. soccer. Elise is interested in pursuing a career in engineering or environmental science.

She is curious about the world and how to make it a better place for everyone. This is important, but her most valuable attribute is her drive and tenacity to be the best that she can be and make the most of her natural talents. Elise is a positive role model that exemplifies what every student should aspire to be.

Dylan Monohan

Dylan Monohan-Industrial Technology Student of the Year

Dylan has been a Fraser student since starting school as a kindergartener. Dylan is starting his second year in our Sheet Metal Workers Pre-Apprenticeship program and is looking forward to continuing his learning. He has played football for Fraser for three years and is a member of Fraser High Schools Rookie FIRST Robotics team that will be competing in March. Upon graduation, Dylan is looking into trade school so that he can continue in welding and/or electronics.  

Dylan leads by example. He is fully engaged when on the shop floor and is always willing to invest his time in helping younger less experienced students improve their skills and character. Dylan is a positive role model for other classmates and has taken on the role of shop foreman. He ensures that his work area is well maintained and then works with other students to do the same.

Lauren Argiri

Lauren Argiri-Social Studies Student of the Year

Lauren consistently displays a deep desire to reach her true potential as both student and future leader. Her accolades throughout her high school career are impressive and include her roles as Student Council president and her membership in the National Honors Society, Tri-M, and the National Arts Honors Society. Lauren’s compassion and drive to give back to her school and community are also notably proven through her efforts in both our Peer-to-Peer program, established to assist our autistic student population and Link Crew, a student-led freshmen mentorship program.

Lauren hopes to become a naturopathic doctor. She is currently looking into the 7 certified programs in the US.