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The Knight Shift


The Knight Shift after-school homework club (designated Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:05pm-4:00pm in the media center)

The Knight Shift -“The time period after a long day of work to organize, to prepare, and to be ready for success!”

We are fortunate to have members of our student leadership groups from RMS and FHS to assist students who attend the Knight Shift with their assignments and projects.

All Noble Knights are invited to attend the Knight Shift…If they have:

  • Homework assignment(s) to complete- Individual tables area
  • A group project needs to be worked on - Collaboration stations area
  • A quiet location for reading - Flexible seating area

Available dates from 3:05 pm - 4:00 pm in

Available dates from 3:05 pm - 4:00 pm in

The Knight Shift will be located in the Media Center and is a time and place for students to come and spend an additional hour on getting their work done or silently reading. Students will have access to a quiet space, the internet, devices, and resources that may assist them with their work.


April 2023
Tuesday, April 11th
Thursday, April 13th
Thursday, April 20th
Tuesday, April 25th
Thursday, April 27th

May/June 2023
Tuesday, May 2nd
Thursday, May 4th
Tuesday, May 9th
Tuesday, May 16th
Thursday, May 18th
Tuesday, May 23rd
Tuesday, May 30th
Thursday, June 1st

This time is monitored by Mr. Julian or Mrs. Skladanowski. Upon arrival, students will sign-in and will record what they are working on.

Remember, this is not a time to play games on iPads/phones or to come and socialize without working (working on a project with group members is encouraged). Off-task students will be removed and will be unable to attend for the remainder of the session.

Knights interested in staying after-school on those designated Tuesday(s) and Thursday(s) must be in the Media Center by 3:05pm and should plan on staying until 3:55pm. All students who stay after-school will need a ride home as late buses are not available.