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History Day 2019

This year, our district sent 50 students to the first competition for Michigan History Day, which is more than we've sent in the past four years combined. It was also the first time students from Fraser High School participated. These students spent the first half of the school year conducting their own research on a historical topic of their choosing that fit into the National History Day theme, "Triumph and Tragedy." They wrote and performed plays, created websites and documentaries, and built exhibits. The amount of work that went into the projects was absolutely extraordinary, and whether or not the kids advanced, they should be proud of the work they did! 


Moving on to States from RMS: 

  • Carly Gangler for her documentary titled, From Triumph to Tragedy: The Continental Army at Valley Forge
  • Shannan Middleton, Genan Shkouklani, and Molly Vander Hagen for their documentary titled,  The Iroquois Legacy: The Rise and Fall of North America's First Democracy
  • Hannah Ritchey, Maggie LeRuth, Mariella Cerrito, Olivia Vorgitch, and Payton Waelchli for their documentary titled,  Rosie the Riveter
  • Taylor Frazier for her exhibit titled, When Triumph Leads to Tragedy: The War to End All Wars Causes Another
  • Alisha Gentz, Tiara Montgomery, and Francesca Palazzolo for their exhibit titled,  US Foreign and Domestic Policy in Regard to the Japanese During World War II
  • Kate Barnum for her performance titled, Remember the Ladies
  • Zackary Howey for his performance titled, The Triumph and Tragedy of 24th Michigan Regiment 
  • Courtney Brown, Molly McMillen, Juan Rebolledo, Gabriella Tonn, and Natalie Watson for their performance titled, The Trial's Tragedy: A Perspective on the Salem Witch Trials
  • Faith Aloia, Vanessa Ellis, Joesph Gerber, and Payton Stemmerich for their website titled, Triumph and Tragedy in Abraham Lincoln's Presidency
  • Ava Smith, Jacob McComb, and Ryann Hash for their website titled, Women's Suffrage: Struggle for the Vote

Moving on to States from FHS:

  • Nolan Pieprzyk, Gloria Arwood, Annika Piwko, Shannon McMenamin, and Carol Pearce for their performance titled,  The 19th Amendment: Triumph for Women's Rights
  • Mercedes Cross and Kayla Fournier for their website titled, Defying Darkness: Anne Frank's Triumph Through Tragedy

The Michigan History Day State Competition will take place on Saturday, April 27th at Bay City Central High School.