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FEF Awards Grants

2021 Grants Awarded

It was a great day for surprising three very deserving teachers with their Fraser Educational Foundation grants! We can't wait to see the impact on our students.

Congratulations Ms. Hagerty, Ms. McNamara, and Ms. Blanck!

Mrs. Hagerty at Fraser High School will purchase a Clavinova digital piano for the performing arts department.

Ms. McNamara at Edison Elementary will purchase two stationary bike desks for her classroom.

Mrs. Blanck at the Dooley Center will purchase the Kimochis program that helps students identify and manage their emotions.
What is the Fraser Educational Foundation?
The Fraser Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax-deductible organization. The objective of the foundation is to provide funding that will enhance teacher creativity, student enrichment, and community involvement through activities that go beyond the scope of normally funded school budgets and responsibilities. Typically the basis and intent of any educational foundation are to provide non-traditional funding for non-traditional projects, activities, and classroom materials.

The foundation supports the schools in our district through grants and mini-grants. The money is raised through donations from teachers, individuals, and local businesses as well as a variety of fundraisers during the school year. During the last 20 years, the Fraser Educational Foundation has averaged $8,000 in grants annually.
Would You Like to Learn More or Make a Donation? 
To learn more about the Fraser Educational Foundation, how to make a donation, or how to make a gift donation in honor of someone, please click here!