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Virtual Student Involved Conferences

By now, you should have already been contacted by your children's teachers regarding our Fall Conferences. This year, due to the upcoming November 30th transition of all students to fully face-to-face or fully virtual instruction, we are holding our Elementary Fall Student-Involved Conferences earlier than normal, on November 23-24, during school hours. These conferences will be held VIRTUALLY via GoToMeeting.


We expect every parent to make it a priority to attend our Fall Conferences. Teachers will be discussing your children’s progress and celebrating some of their learning experiences this trimester. It is our hope that your student will be able to participate in their virtual conference with us, too.


A Few Things to Keep in Mind


  • We will need to keep on schedule. Please be on time, and You may want to schedule time in between conferences if you have more than one child at Mark Twain.
  • We will lock the meeting room during each conference, so if it says “Waiting for Host” when you log on, it means the previous conference is still in session.
  • Mrs. Reilly will be available to meet with parents who have questions or concerns about our Intervention/ Title I Services.
  • Conferences with Specials teachers are not required but are available to parents who wish to set them up.
  • If your child receives special education services and you would like his/her caseload teacher to join in for your general education conference, please email them to set that up.


If you have not yet signed up for your child's conference, please do so using THIS LINK.