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COVID 19 Quarantine Procedures

As Fraser community members hear about others in the community who may have contracted Covid-19, we've been receiving questions about how decisions are made about informing the community about exposures and who must quarantine. It's important to note that we as school leaders do not make any of these decisions without the explicit guidance of the Macomb County Health Department, whom our district leadership contacts any time we have a confirmed case.


I also want to reshare a document that our district shared in late August that explains how our health department makes these decisions. Please take a few moments to read this over to understand what types of symptoms we send students home for, how the health department defines a "close contact," the privacy regulations that prevent us from sharing who may be sick, and the procedures we will follow when a positive case is reported within our school community.


Here is that document: COVID-19 Return to School Parent Toolkit MCHD_8.18.20.pdf 


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the information provided in this document or about our procedures for addressing Covid-19 cases. 


***As a reminder, please also make sure that you are completing this health screener each time your children come to school to assess their wellness and determine if they should attend school:


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