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Math or Mess

Imagine your 2nd-grade teacher gathering you to the carpet and just dumping a giant box of straws on the floor.  Well, that is exactly what happened in Mrs. Szeliga's 2nd-grade class.

The children were shocked!  Had Mrs. Szeliga lost her mind?  No, it was just time to start learning about place value.  The class decided the straws would be easier to count by 10s so they bundled up the straws in groups of 10.

Realizing that it would take a long time to count all the groups of 10, they bundled the 10s into groups of 100.  There were 1,000 straws altogether.  The class learned that 10 ones equal 1 ten and 10 tens equal 1 hundred.  

"in 2nd-grade, we practice counting, adding, and subtracting to 1,000.  Learning about place value is an important foundational skill for all to understand," said Mrs. Szeliga.