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Parking Lot Reminders

Greetings Seahawk Families,

We are beginning to see some issues in the Salk Parking Lot at arrival and dismissal.  To ensure everyone is aware of our protocols, I have included some helpful reminders.

We utilize one of our driveways to enter and the other driveway to exit.  The loop by the main office door is for student drop off only. Cars are not permitted in the bus loop before or after school.   Please be mindful of your speed through the lot. You may not drop your 4-6th grade student off by the basketball courts within the bus loop.  You must utilize the drop off loop by the main office or park your car and walk your child.  To avoid traffic and congestion with the busses, the first row of parking spots that replaced the median is for STAFF ONLY.  

Student Drop Off Loop (Main Doors):

At this time, we have staff members present in the loop and at line up locations.  Cones and markers are established to help the flow of traffic.   Please be respectful of both.  

  1. Please pull all the way forward. Adults will politely remind you of this.  
  2. Drivers need to remain in the vehicle and students need to quickly exit on the PASSENGER SIDE ONLY. 
  3. Please be cautious of the student crosswalk from the church to Salk.  

The loop is not available during dismissal.  Cones block off this area.  Our handicap parking is still available.  Please be sure your handicap sign/sticker is clearly in view. 

St. Ronald’s Church

Each year we are fortunate that St. Ronald’s Church allows us access to their parking lot.  Last year, a fence was constructed between our two properties.  We are grateful the church has left the cement pathway open for our students and families to utilize. Please be respectful of St. Ronald’s property and do not hop over the fence.  As a reminder, signs have also been posted at the church designating spots for St. Ronald’s staff only.  Please do not park in these spots along the fence line.  Remember to only legally park in spots and honor the flow of traffic.  Please be mindful of those attending church services, as well.  Clinton Twp. police have been notified and will be present periodically in the parking lot.  

Please be aware of our actions and behaviors in the parking lot and be kind and courteous to our fellow Seahawks as we all get back in the routine of the school year.