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Space & Environment Design

Space & Environment Design at Eisenhower 

Over the course of the 18-19 school year, kindergarten and 2nd-grade teachers at Eisenhower participated in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) training. As part of this learning staff members learned how to best use classroom space to support all learners.  Throughout the course of the year staff members used their new knowledge to create model classrooms incorporating flexible furniture options.  This flexible furniture was purchased over the summer and rolled out in grades K & 2 this year. 

Both their kindergarten and 2nd-grade students love using the new flexible seating. They are able to find their own space and have tons of room to spread out.  Seating options offer a variety of ways for children to feel comfortable.  In addition, the new seating options can be arranged quickly and easily to meet classroom needs depending on the type of work students are doing, i.e. individual, small group, whole group, etc. Students are learning how to rearrange and use this furniture properly at this time. 

 Using New Flexible Seating