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iPad Collection

This week we will be collecting all the iPads, charging cords and bricks, so we can inventory, evaluate, and prepare the devices for the 22-23 school year. Please find the collection dates listed below. After these dates, all devices will be kept in school. To ensure fines are not accrued for lost items, please be sure to return charging cords & bricks with the iPads. All Fraser Public Schools issued chargers are barcoded and are Apple made products that include a 12W brick with a 1-meter cords. We cannot accept non-Apple replacements for lost or damaged items. Lost and/or damaged replacement fines will be issued as items are evaluated. Fees can be paid with cash, checks made out to Fraser Public Schools or online through SchoolPay at Users will have to create an account

We appreciate your prompt payment of these fees.

Tuesday, May 31st : All K-2 students should return devices, charging cords & bricks to school.

June 1st - 3rd : 3rd through 6th grade students should return devices, cords & bricks to school on the day they have 21st Century Literacy class.



If you have questions or concerns about the condition or status of the iPad, case, charging brick and/or charging cord, please reach out to Mr. Sleziak, our Media Specialist, as soon as possible -



Please note all devices are to be turned in. Students participating in summer programs will receive their iPad and charger back during summer school.