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Return to In-Person Learning

Return to In-Person Learning

As we return to fully face to face under the Fraser Forward plan on Wednesday, December 9, 2020, please review some critical building expectations and procedures.



  • Teacher Door Assignments can be found here. Door numbers are noted on the building map linked below so students know which door their class has been assigned. Please know student entrances have changed.

  • Please do not plan to drop your child(ren) off in the morning before 8:25 am so that we don’t have large groups of students congregating.

  • Students and accompanying adults are asked to wear masks while they wait before school.

  • Students must have their mask on to enter the building and will sanitize hands as they enter.



  • Masks must remain on until students are in their parent/guardian’s car, off the property, or dropped off at their bus stop.

  • Students will sanitize their hands as they exit the building.

  • KIndergarten and Bussers will be dismissed at 3:25 to minimize crowds.

  • Walkers and Parent Pick-ups will follow at 3:30 at designated doors.

  • Parents, we ask that you please help model social distancing and wear a mask if you leave your car to come to get your child.

  • Students will be exiting from their arrival doors unless specified by classroom teachers.


As we return to in-person learning, we want to ensure everyone is aware of our building and office procedures.


Health Screener:

Students and Staff must complete a Health Screener Daily prior to entering school EVERY DAY of in-person instruction. A link can be found below this section.



We want to ensure our community remains safe and healthy. If your child has a fever, experiencing diarrhea, a new headache, cough, congestions, or has lost their sense of taste or smell, please keep them home. If your child comes to school with any of the above symptoms, they will be sent home immediately. Should your child become ill or have to quarantine, please call our 24 hr attendance line - 586-439-6690.


Please note that if your F2F child is absent, they will follow their itsLearning course for their missed lessons. Live instruction will not be available unless there is a pivot to remote learning or another extenuating circumstance.



Masks will be worn at all times, throughout the day by both Staff and Students with the exception of breakfast, lunch, and mask breaks. Masks will be available if your child does not have one, but your child is also able to bring one that they are comfortable with. Shields may be worn in addition to, but not in place of a mask.


Breakfast/ Lunch Procedures

  • ALL students will eat lunch in the gym each day.
  • Students will be as spaced apart as much as possible and will sit in the same assigned spots each day.
  • Students will wash hands/sanitize before and after meals and will only remove their masks for the short time when they're eating.
  • Masks will be placed on a lanyard or in a pocket while students eat.
  • For the safety of both students and staff members, please plan to send food items that students can open themselves. Capri-sun type juice pouches, drinkable yogurts, and other items that are tough to open are discouraged.


Water Bottles

  • Parents are encouraged to send their child with a water bottle each day since drinking fountains are unavailable due to safety reasons.
  • We do have a bottle refilling station for students to use throughout the day.


Office/Visitor Protocols

  • We will continue to limit visitors to critical pickup and drop-offs

  • We will ask visitors (1 person or 1 family) to wait in the vestibule and use our buzzer system.

  • Parents will only be allowed past the vestibule in very specific situations.

  • Please always contact the Office first - 586-439-6600



*All families need to self-assess their child's health before coming to school. To indicate that they've done so, families must submit the Self Assessment Form for each student prior to entry.


*If your child is sick or is demonstrating symptoms consistent with COVID 19, you must keep them home.