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Cell Phone Policy

Edison Cell Phone/Communication Device Policy

Many students at Edison, particularly our older Eagles, carry cell phones with them to and from school each day. We understand how helpful this can be for parents to check in with their children in route to or from school. However, we need to partner with our families to ensure that the cell phones don't become a disruption to our students or our building during the school day.

At Edison Elementary, similar to most schools, our cell phone policy is that students keep their cell phones in their backpack and silenced/powered off throughout the day- from 8:30AM-3:30PM.

Parents- We really need your help with this, as many students have been distracted by their devices or misusing them throughout the day. Please work with your children to reinforce our expectations of cell phones (or other communication devices) at Edison and remind them to connect with their teacher or another staff member if they need help solving peer or social issues during the day.