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Safety and Cleaning Protocols

As we prepare to welcome students back to our schools in small groups, we want to let everyone know what steps we will be taking for safety and cleaning. 

  • We will be cleaning for health and not for appearance.
  • Sanitizing highly touched surfaces.
  • We will be using the Clorox 360 machine every evening after school.
  • In Phase 4 - Bathrooms will be sanitized every four hours. This will be once a day in our current ½ day model.
  • Sanitizing desks after every class period.
    • Every classroom will have a cleaning kit in it. This includes a spray bottle with sanitizer, rubber gloves, disposable towels, face masks, and a face shield.
    • We will also be placing two cleaning cards in each room along with the kit.
  • All air filters in all buildings have been upgraded from a MERV 7 rating to a MERV 14, per the CDC guidelines.
  • Masks
    • All students will have to wear a mask.
    • All staff will have to wear a mask. A face shield does not replace the use of a mask.
    • The MISD is providing districts with masks for all staff and students.