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Fraser Virtual Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the Fall of 2020, Fraser Public Schools will launch a virtual K-12 school option for all current and new students. The district wants to provide choices for families who may not be comfortable sending their children back to school in September and/or prefer a virtual learning environment.  

    We have compiled some frequently asked questions about the virtual option, and will be adding here during the summer. 

    Before I make a decision, what will face-to-face learning look like in the fall? Will class sizes be smaller? Will students be required to wear masks? Will students have to alternate days or have staggered start times? 
    We have nearly 100 district employees working on our return to school plan for the fall. The state is expected to release a plan at the end of June, and our plan will follow the guidelines set forth in the state’s plan. At this time, we do not know what restrictions or changes will be necessary to keep everyone safe. 

    What will happen if Coronavirus cases spike again and Michigan is put on another stay home order in the fall? 
    In the event Coronavirus cases spike and the state restricts face-to-face learning, all students in Fraser Public Schools would be taught virtually. Once any restrictions are lifted, only students enrolled in Fraser Virtual would continue to be taught virtually. 

    Will Fraser Virtual be the same rigor as the extended online learning that was offered from March – June? 
    Fraser Virtual will be on the same pace as face-to-face learning in Fraser. This will be a more rigorous experience than our Extended Online Learning was.  Students will in both learning environments will be working towards the same district competencies and state standards. 

    Who will be the teacher? Will my child be expected to learn on their own? 
    Fraser teachers will be teaching the virtual classes. While virtual students will need a teaching coach at home to help them stay on task, our teachers will be delivering the content and designing the lessons. 

    Will teachers be able to give my child personalized attention and instruction? 
    Yes. Elementary teachers in the virtual option will only be teaching virtual students. Some secondary teachers may teach a combination of in-class and virtual sections, similar to what they have been doing with our hybrid classes.  

    How will the district ensure students are learning? 
    We anticipate brining elementary students in a couple times a month for assessments and small group learning. All students would also need to come in for standardized assessments like the M-STEP, SAT and PSAT.  

    My child attends RMS or FHS but wants to participate in band, choir or take a CTE class. How will that work? 
    They will have the opportunity to attend those classes during the day when they are regularly scheduled for all students. 

    If I enroll my child in the virtual option but realize it is not a fit for my family, will I have the option to switch? 
    Yes. Once the school year starts, parents/guardians will be able to switch from virtual to face-to-face (or vice versa) during the second semester window in December/January. Students would make the transition at the end of January. Please note that elementary students may be placed in a different school if there is not space in their home school. 

    My child has an IEP or 504 Plan. How will this be accommodated if I want to enroll him or her in Virtual Fraser? 
    We are working closely with our Special Education Department to ensure that IEPs are followed for all students. If your student is in the virtual school, we will accommodate his or her IEP. 

    Do I need to hurry up and make a decision about which option is best for my family? 
    The enrollment window for Fraser Virtual is open through August 26. We have unlimited space, so there is no danger of it ‘filling up’ before then. 

    How do I enroll my child(ren) in Fraser Virtual? 
    We have created a short form for our current parents/guardians to fill out and submit. New students entering the district this fall will be able to select this option on the enrollment packet.