Return to School Plan

  • Fraser Public Schools is working hard on our Return to School plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Macomb County is currently in Stage 4 of the MI Safe Start Plan.

    We anticipate sharing our Return to School Plan with our families and community in August.

Community Conversations

  • Superintendent Carrie Wozniak will host Community Conversations throughout the summer on topics related to the 2020-2021 school year. 

    The first conversation was held July 15 and discussed the Fraser Virtual K-12 option. You can view the conversation in its entirety on our Community Conversation page.

    Please save the date for the next Community Conversation on July 29 where Ms. Wozniak and our Operations and Maintenance Director Dan Waters will discuss safety protocols.

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Return to School Task Force

  • Fraser has established five ad hoc committees, made up of about 100 Fraser employee stakeholders who will work with the guidance from the State of Michigan to develop our plan for returning to school. 

    Task Force Goals

    • Provide District Recommendations for the three Action Areas for reopening schools based upon the
      1. Do First
      2. Do Before School Opens
      3. When Schools Are Open And Operating using the Return to School Road Map
    • Develop questions and concerns that need to be reflected or clarified at the District Level
    • Recommend and/or develop needed community, staff, studentsurvey tools
    • Develop Cost Parameters (Budget)
    • Monitor and Respond to the Michigan Safe Start Plan Stages


    Mental Health and Wellness

    • Crisis response team for COVID-19 related incidents
    • Develops plans supporting student and staff mental health and wellness
    • Assesses potential community and vendor resources for supports as needed
    • Assesses and evaluates mental health status of students and staff members utilizing questionnaires, surveys and/or direct outreach
    • Provides resources for self and family care
    • Develop subcommittees as needed

    Curriculum, Instruction and Technology

    • Identify and prioritize needs of most vulnerable students
    • Develop instructional approach aligned to State of Michigan Safe Start Plan phases
    • Inventory and clarify District standards for Face to Face, Virtual (On-Line School) and Hybrid Learning 
    • Set “on track” goals for students academically, socially and emotionally due to pandemic
    • Develop plan for assessing student learning progress and loss including multiple assessments
    • Develop subcommittees as needed

    District Health Protocols and Safety

    • Audit supply chain for cleaning, disinfecting and PPE materials
    • Develop plans for cleaning and disinfecting in concert with the State of Michigan Safe Start Plan
    • Research and implement latest OSHA and CDC guidance
    • Consider all required or recommended health protocols and devise implementation strategies
    • Develop safety protocols for occupants when going to, learning in and leaving school
    • Develop transportation protocols 
    • School Operations
    • Consider Legal Issues
    • Develop safety protocols for extracurricular activities
    • Develop subcommittees as needed