Grades K-6 FAQs

  • We have developed the following list of frequently asked questions based on feedback received from students and parents. As information continues to rapidly evolve and additional plans are developed, this page will be updated to reflect those changes and/or additions. We appreciate your patience as all questions cannot be answered at this time.  

    Parents with specific questions are encouraged to contact their school principals or teachers. 

    Reporting Elementary Progress

    PDF of Progress Reporting FAQ

    You can view a PDF of this FAQ here.

    Will student work be graded from March 13 - June 12? 
    Teachers have identified the remaining essential skills that students need to acquire to be successful next year.  While we understand this is not the ideal situation, we want to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn these essentials this year and stay on pace next year.  

    Students will receive feedback for each evidence of learning.  This may be in the form of an email, personal communication, Zearn boost, or using other platform resources. Students will continue to be given the opportunity to remediate or re-submit work as necessary.  As always, our focus is on student learning, so our teachers are remaining positive, encouraging, and flexible.

    What if a student doesn't complete any work during this time? 
    If students are not engaging in activities during this time, teachers will reach out to these students and families in an attempt to support and encourage continued student learning.

    Students will be more formally assessed once our schools reopen.  These results will inform instruction, help place students where they need to learn and enable students to receive additional support should it be needed.

    What if students are not able to connect or are not engaged in remote learning content? 
    It is recommended and expected that all students engage in remote learning.  These are formative years in the student’s education. Teachers will document every attempt made to engage the student and take into consideration if students are experiencing circumstances out of their control. 

    Will there be tests during this time? 
    There will not be formal tests, including the M-STEP, during this time. However, the expectation is that student learning will continue at all levels. Teachers will continue to provide lessons and experiences that encourage academic growth in all areas.

    Will missing work need to be made up when students return to school? 
    Teachers are allowing access to previously posted assignments and are remaining flexible in their due dates.  When possible, the content from this time period should be completed as soon as possible. 

    Students will be assessed once the schools reopen in the fall. This will inform instruction, help place students where they need to learn and enable students to get additional support should it be needed.

    When should student work be completed by? 
    All student work should be completed as soon as possible. Even with the reduced essentials and schedule, it is our goal to keep students on pace and prepared for a successful upcoming year.

    Will there be the end of year assessments? 
    No, there will be no assessments. Benchmark assessments (SRI, DRA, AIMSWEB) will be done when school reopens.

    Will my child receive a report card at the end of the year?
    All students will receive an end of the year report card.  This report card will be modified to reflect the instruction that was provided before and after the school closure. Teachers will report student learning and participation during this remote learning time.  Elementary report cards do not contain letter grades.