Developmental Kindergarten at Dooley

  • If your child's birthday  falls between May 1 and September 1, consider Fraser Public Schools' Developmental Kindergarten (DK) Program. Your child may benefit from an extra year of growth to develop confidence, social skills, oral language development, fine motor skills, attention span, independence and school readiness. 

    Our DK classes run 5 full days per week. The children eat lunch at school and are given the opportunity to participate in a modified kindergarten curriculum taught by certified Fraser teachers. The children participate in specials classes including Art, Physical Education, Music, and 21st Century learning. These classes are limited to 17 children so that the students benefit from individualized instruction. 

Welcome to DK!

  • Registration Information
    If you live within the Fraser Public School District, you will register at your home elementary school. (Check out our district map if you need help determining this.)

    If you live outside of the district but inside Macomb County, you will need to fill out a Schools of Choice form and we will call you to register.

    All students will be assessed prior to entering DK or Kindergarten.

    School Day Information
    School begins at 8:35 a.m. and is dismissed at 3:30 p.m.

    Please have your child eat a healthy meal before school. If your child is taking the bus, please click here to find your child’s bus route. Students and parents line up outside the gym double doors for drop off and pick up. Teachers will meet you and your child at the outside door and escort the students into school. 

    It is extremely important that we know how to dismiss your child every day. Please let your child’s teacher know how your child is to go home (bus and bus number, person who is picking up child, after school care, or other arrangements).

    What to Send With Your Child