2011 Bond Projects

  • All of the bond projects outlined in the scope of the 2011 bond have been completed. The voter-approved bond did not increase the tax rate in Fraser Public Schools.

    The District has been fiscally responsible, and since 2011 the total debt has been reduced by approximately $18.8 million. In 2015, the District also completed a refunding transaction, which resulted in a reduction of the total debt service payments over the following 16 years by more than $6.77 million dollars.

    Projects that were completed with the funds from the 2011 bond include the following:

    Safety and Security upgrades

    • Replace sidewalks at every school and school facility
    • Install card access system on exterior doors at all schools and school facilities
    • Install security cameras at all schools
    • Install Columbine locks on all classrooms doors district-wide, which allow doors to be locked from the inside
    • Upgrade the fire alarm system at all schools and school facilities

    Create 21st Century learning environments

    • Install building-wide wireless access at every school and school facility
    • Upgrade student computers and classroom technology
    • Purchase iPads for all students to provide access to learning tools and resources

     Additional Projects

    • Purchase 9 new school buses
    • Build the auxiliary gym at Fraser High School and install air conditioning in both gyms
    • Install new stage flooring in the Fraser Performing Arts Center, as well as upgrade the house lighting and auditorium aisle lighting
    • Replace the 35-year-old roof at Fraser High School and the gym roof at Salk Elementary