Symphony Band

  • Symphony Band consists of students in grades 9 through 12, accepted by audition only, and performs as a concert and marching unit at school and community functions.  It studies standard band literature of an advanced level, striving for an attainment equal to the best high school and college band organizations.  Emphasis is placed on the continuing development and study of all technical and musical concepts. This class includes weekly Wednesday evening and seminar rehearsals during the marching season, and may include extra rehearsals at other times throughout the school year.  The student must attend summer band camp (at their expense).  Failure to fulfill the requirement of marching band will result in loss of credit for Symphony band for the first marking period.

    In addition to the marching season, Symphony Band performs in the Holiday concert in December, Festival concert in February, Band Festival in March, and the Spring concert in May each year.  There are also opportunities for students to participate in District and State Solo & Ensemble Festival as soloists, small ensembles, and large chamber ensembles, as well as District, State, and university honors bands, and the Michigan Youth Arts Festival.  There are also opportunities to travel for out-of-state music competitions.
    Those wishing to audition for Symphony Band must learn all 12 major scales and be able to play them from memory.  Play the scales in chromatic order with a steady quarter-note or eighth-note rhythm, starting on the C major scale (on your instrument), one octave, ascending and descending.
    C scale           Db scale        D scale           Eb scale         E scale, etc.
    There will also be a short excerpt of music for sight-reading.

    1. Each person will have one opportunity to audition.
    • Current Symphony Band members should list Symphony Band on their schedules. 
    • Incoming 9th graders—please list Varsity Band on your schedule.
    • Current Concert Band members should list Concert Band on their schedules.

    ***If your schedule changes as the result of auditions, it will be adjusted through the counseling office.***
    Please call the H.S. band office at (586) 439-7328 or email to set an audition time.