RBG3 Questions

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Read By Grade 3 Law

  • student writingIn 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed the Read By Grade 3 (RBG3) law that requires schools to identify learners who are struggling with reading and writing and to provide additional help.

    This page contains the most up-to-date information we have compiled for our families. 

    What is the RBG3 Law? 
    The fact sheet linked above contains information for parents regarding the RBG3 law. The law states that students may repeat third grade if they are more than one grade level behind in reading beginning with the 2020-2021 school year.

    What is the Good Cause Exemption?
    The Good Cause Exemption is a specific reason within the law for a child to be promoted to 4th grade. Parents/guardians of current 3rd grade students may request a Good Cause Exemption within 30 days of notification that their child will be retained under the RBG3 law. 

RGB3 Process in Fraser Public Schools 2020-2021

  • September 2020

    October 2020

    • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Parent Letters sent home based on Fall Benchmark Data
    • Individualized Reading Intervention Plans developed based on data and shared with families along with the Read At Home Plan.

    April 2021

    • M-STEP Parent Letter sent to all families regarding upcoming testing
    • 3rd Grade Students complete the ELA MSTEP
    • District monitors M-STEP data as it becomes available

    May 2021

    • Principal makes phone call to parents of students identified for retention 
    • District letters are emailed/mailed out to identified students following the phone call.  
    • Certified CEPI Letters are mailed out by State to families.

    Parents have the option to complete jot form requesting good cause exemption within 30 days of receipt of certified letter.

    By July 1, 2021

    • District will review Good Cause Exemption requests and make student placement decisions no later than July 1

    August 2021

    • Communicate placement decision to parent within 30 days of start of school year

    By September 1, 2021

    • District will report who is retained and who is promoted with Good Cause Exemption in CEPI

Read By Grade 3 Video