Enrollment Change Request

  • Families were given the opportunity to choose between face-to-face learning and virtual learning during October and November. The opportunity to change your enrollment selection is now closed. All current placements will remain in effect for the rest of the year. 

    If you have extenuating circumstances that you feel would necessitate an enrollment change (either from face-to-face to virtual or from virtual to face-to-face), please complete the form below. If you have already spoken with your child’s principal, you do not need to complete the form. 

    Requests will be reviewed by building and district leadership. Documentation will be required (i.e. letter from a medical professional, custody paperwork, etc.)

    Requests may not be granted. If a request to return to face-to-face learning is granted, elementary students may not be able to return to their home school, depending on space available. If the student is a district resident and is placed in another elementary school due to space limitations, transportation will be provided.

    January 26, 2021: All Fraser High School classes are full. We are unable to honor any requests to change enrollment at FHS.

    Enrollment Change Request Form