Return to School Frequently Asked Questions

  • While the district is preparing for the 2020-2021 school year, many parents and families have questions. We will continuously update this page with some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers. 

Learning Environment Questions

  • What happens if there is a confirmed COVID Case?

    • We will notify all staff/student families of any confirmed case while maintaining the confidentiality
    • We will work with the Macomb County Health Department to identify close contacts
      • Elementary schools - this includes all students/staff in the classroom
      • Middle and high schools - this includes anyone who has been within 6’ of the case for 15 minutes or longer
      • Close contacts should be tested and remain quarantined at home for 14 days after the last contact with the confirmed case

    How will transportation look different?
    We will have all students and the driver wear a mask. We have already installed hand sanitizer dispensers on each of our buses and recommend students sanitize their hands when they get on the bus. Additionally, we will disinfect the buses after every run.

    How will daily cleaning look different?
    We will be cleaning for health and not for appearance. This means that we will focus on sanitizing highly touched surfaces. We will be providing every classroom with a spray bottle of cleaner and paper towels to sanitize desks after every class period. While we are in Phase 4, bathrooms will be sanitized every four hours. 

    I know that the district is providing PPE for teachers but what about the rest of the staff and students? Will there be a requirement as to what type of mask the children must use?
    Face coverings must follow the guidelines outlined in the Return to School Roadmap. We will be providing masks for both students and staff.

    Are the school’s ventilation systems new or will they need to be upgraded?
    All air filters in all buildings have been upgraded from a MERV 7 rating to a MERV 14, per the CDC guidelines.

    Will latchkey be available, even if we are in an entirely virtual setting?
    Yes, even though we do not have face-to-face learning, we do plan on offering School-Age Child Care (SACC) opportunities for our elementary students. For more information please click here.

    What classes at RMS and FHS will be offered in the virtual or hybrid settings? 
    Please refer to the Richards Middle School and Fraser High School Virtual Programs of Study for the available courses.  

    Will accelerated courses be available in the virtual setting?
    Please refer to the Richards Middle School and Fraser High School Virtual Programs of Study for the available courses.

    How will my child receive special services as outlined in their IEP? 
    If we are in phase 4 or 5, students may receive special services onsite. In this situation, we would work with families to arrange a time. Students would be in small groups. For specific questions, please follow up with the Special Education department.

    How will the students be socially distanced in classrooms? Will there be space between desks?
    We will do our best to social distance seating areas and create as much space as possible in classrooms. This includes removing unnecessary furniture.

    Will elementary students need to wear masks during the day?
    We will be following the Michigan Return to School Road Map. Elementary students in grades K-5 will need to wear masks if they are attending small groups. 

    My child’s iPad or MacBook needs repairs. How can I get it fixed?
    Please submit a ticket for tech support:

    My child would like to take mostly virtual classes, but still come in for band or another face-to-face class. How do I register them?
    If your child intends to take any virtual courses, you should register him or her as a virtual student. Students will then work with their counselor to develop a course schedule that meets their needs.

    Will there be an orientation for Richards Middle School and Fraser High School?
    Orientations for RMS and FHS were held virtually.  If you were unable to attend the orientations for FHS, please click here.  If you were unable to attend the orientations for RMS, please click here.

    Will there be an opportunity to meet the teacher before school starts?
    Each of our elementary schools typically hosts meet the teacher nights before school and during the first few weeks of school. These events will be virtual. School principals will be sending out more information in late August.

    How is the blended/hybrid school option different than the hybrid classes offered through the traditional school program?
    Fraser High School has offered hybrid classes in the past that meet both virtually and face-to-face. The blended school option for the 2020-2021 school year allows students to take a combination of 100% virtual classes, hybrid and face-to-face. 

    What if my middle school or high school student would like to change their schedule before school starts? 
    Students need to contact their counselor to schedule an appointment.

    Would the virtual elementary students still be eligible to participate in afterschool and extracurricular programs, such as Science Olympiad and National History Day, that are typically offered at their home school?

    How do I enroll my student in the blended or hybrid option?
    You should complete the form for the virtual program for your child. When they complete their schedule, they can let the counselor/administrator know which classes they would like to attend on campus.

    How will we call our child is absent from their virtual class if they are sick or leaving early for a doctor's appointment? How will they make up that time and work? 
    The same process should be followed by calling the school absence line. Truancy rules will apply.

Fraser Virtual Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen if Coronavirus cases spike again and Michigan is put under another stay home order? 

    In the event Coronavirus cases spike and the state restricts face-to-face learning, all students in Fraser Public Schools would be taught virtually. Once any restrictions are lifted, only students enrolled in Fraser Virtual would continue to be taught virtually. 

    Will Fraser Virtual be the same rigor as the extended online learning that was offered from March – June? 
    Fraser Virtual will be on the same pace as face-to-face learning in Fraser. This will be a more rigorous experience than our Extended Online Learning was.  Students will in both learning environments will be working towards the same district competencies and state standards. 

    Who will be the teacher? Will my child be expected to learn on their own? 
    Fraser teachers will be teaching the virtual classes. While virtual students will need a teaching coach at home to help them stay on task, our teachers will be delivering the content and designing the lessons. 

    Will teachers be able to give my child personalized attention and instruction? 
    Yes. Elementary teachers in the virtual option will only be teaching virtual students. Some secondary teachers may teach a combination of in-class and virtual sections, similar to what they have been doing with our hybrid classes.  

    How will the district ensure students are learning? 
    We anticipate brining elementary students in a couple times a month for assessments and small group learning. All students would also need to come in for standardized assessments like the M-STEP, SAT and PSAT.  

    My child attends RMS or FHS but wants to participate in band, choir or take a CTE class. How will that work? 
    They will have the opportunity to attend those classes during the day when they are regularly scheduled for all students. 

    If I enroll my child in the virtual option but realize it is not a fit for my family, will I have the option to switch? 
    Yes. Once the school year starts, parents/guardians will be able to switch from virtual to face-to-face (or vice versa) during the second semester window in December/January. Students would make the transition at the end of January. Please note that elementary students may be placed in a different school if there is not space in their home school. 

    My child has an IEP or 504 Plan. How will this be accommodated if I want to enroll him or her in Virtual Fraser? 
    We are working closely with our Special Education Department to ensure that IEPs are followed for all students. If your student is in the virtual school, we will accommodate his or her IEP. 

    Do I need to hurry up and make a decision about which option is best for my family? 
    The enrollment window for Fraser Virtual is open through August 26. We have unlimited space, so there is no danger of it ‘filling up’ before then. 

    How do I enroll my child(ren) in Fraser Virtual? 
    We have created a short form for our current parents/guardians to fill out and submit. New students entering the district this fall will be able to select this option on the enrollment packet.