Class of 2020 Town Hall Meeting

FHS Principal Mr. Sines and Fraser Superintendent Ms. Wozniak hosted a Town Hall meeting on April 23 for the Class of 2020 to talk about end of the year.

You can view the presentation here. We posted the questions and answers below.

Grade 12 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Finishing the Year Strong

    Below outlines the next steps in the process for closing out the school year and having your child FINISH STRONG:

    • Students and families need time to process through all of their work virtually in order to complete assignments and assessments
    • Also, students will be at different places in their courses and need an opportunity to catch up and remediate.
    • And, our teachers will need time to assess completed work and provide feedback so that students can adjust and improve their learning before the end of the school year.

    Therefore, we will be putting the following protocols in place:

    1. No new assignments/assessments will be posted after the week of May 26th.
    2. Students will have the following two weeks (the week of June 1st and June 8th) to complete any missing assignments/assessments. 
    3. Instructional hours will continue to support our students’ learning for the remainder of the school year.
    4. Any previous zeros on an assignment that is completed before the end of the school year, can still be awarded full credit if the work is acceptable.
    5. Our staff will update their PowerSchool Gradebooks on a progression to assist with understanding what assignments have been or needs to be completed.

    The following dates are when missing assignments will be converted to zeros in PowerSchool:

    Converting (!) Missing assignments into zeros in PowerSchool Gradebook

    The Week Of “           ” assignments and assessments

    By 5/11/20

    The weeks of 4/20/20 and 4/27/20 assignments

    By 5/18/20

    The week of 5/4/20 assignments

    By 5/26/20

    The week of 5/11/20 assignments

    By 6/1/20

    The week of 5/18/20 assignments

    By 6/8/20

    The week of 5/26/20 assignments

    finishing the year strong

    You can view a PDF of this document here.

    April 21 Class Meeting

    The FHS principals hosted class meetings to discuss grading and expectations for the remainder of the year. You may need to enter your email address to watch the recording of the webinar.

    FAQ About Course Grades

    Based on feedback received from students and parents, we have developed the following list of frequently asked questions. As information continues to rapidly evolve and additional plans are developed, this page will be updated to reflect those changes and/or additions. We appreciate your patience as all questions cannot be answered at this time.  
    Parents with specific questions about their students are encouraged to contact their school principals or teachers. 

    pdf of grade 12 course grades faq

    You can view a PDF of this FAQ here.

    Will seniors graduate on time?
    All seniors in the Class of 2020 who were in good standing and passing all of the required courses and competencies for graduation before schools closed on March 11 will graduate on time.

    What is expected of seniors for remote learning?

    • Graduating seniors will be given the opportunity to engage in remote learning methods to make up competencies and earn a passing grade in a mandatory course (s) which is required for awarding a diploma by June
    • From April 13 - May 3, Seniors will be expected to have completed all of their competencies from the time in which school was closed on March 11.
    • Students who are passing will be allowed to earn that grade and credit for the semester
    • However, if a student with a D or above wishes to improve their grade, the student should contact the teacher by email by April 24. We ask that students copy a parent on the
    • If a student has an F in a course, the student and parent will be contacted by the teacher via email. If the course is required to fulfill the Michigan Merit Curriculum, the teacher will copy the counselor and the assistant principal.
    • If the student has an IEP or 504, the student will also need to copy their provider for The teacher will determine what the student will do to improve the grade through an assessment of the student’s ability against essential competencies. A contract will be created for each student based on the individual situation with activities specific to the student’s current situation to provide grade improvement possibilities. These activities may include some of the learning opportunities provided by the district or personalized assignments for the individual student.

    What should I expect from teacher communication?
    Teachers will respond to all emails from students or parents within one normal school day (Monday through Friday) to confirm receipt.

    When should senior work be completed by?
    All student work must be completed and submitted to teachers by May 15. Second-semester grades will be submitted for each senior by May 22.

    Will Prom, Graduation, Senior All Night Party, Honors Convocation, and Senior Walk take place as scheduled?
    Not at this time. With the Executive Order form Gov. Whitmer we do not know when we will be able to schedule these celebrations. When we have more information and it is safe to reschedule, we will work on a plan to celebrate the Senior Class of 2020.

    • We are working with our local Macomb County Schools to develop an alternative plan regarding Prom
    • Honors Convocation - You will still be able to receive your awards, recognitions, and scholarships. We will have a program for you as a keepsake.
    • We will be recognizing our Honored Seniors on the Website and in the District Newsletter.
    • Seniors' Last Day will still be May 24th.  At this time, the traditional Senior Walk is not a possibility.  We are considering the following options:  Having this event later in the Fall or Incorporating this event into a Graduation Parade/Commencement Activity

    Graduation is June 6th
    The official Fraser High School Commencement Date is set for June 6th.

    We have not canceled the venue as of yet. However, it is very likely, that we will have to reschedule this event.

    However, we plan on:

    • Having Commencement Speeches. They will be live/pre-recorded and shared via our Social Media and website.
    • Capturing all of these virtual events into one comprehensive media production.

    All Night Party

    • At this point, the All-Night Party is canceled.  We do not believe that we will be able to maintain the appropriate level of Social Distancing for this event at this time.
    • We will provide a refund for students who have paid for this event.
    • We are working with the All Night Party Parent Committee regarding further communications.

    How do I obtain my transcripts?

    • Current seniors can request transcripts with 1st-semester grades through 
    • Once they have decided on the college they are attending they can email Mrs. Hyvonen at with the college name they would like their final transcript mailed to
    • Final transcripts should be available in mid-June in Parchment (students can request "to hold for grades") for both current seniors as well current juniors who are hoping to apply over the summer

    Will Senior Fees be Assessed?
    Senior Fees (where applicable) will be assessed prior to receiving your diploma.  There are two groups where you may be assessed a fine:  Library/Tech fines - Media Center and Athletics/Books/Performing Arts - FHS Main Office.  All fines will be emailed to you and your parents.  You can also see your fines in PowerSchool. Your $20 book deposit will be mailed to your house.  (This may have been used to pay a previous fine.)  If your family is having difficulty paying the senior fees due to the pandemic, please reach out to your Assistant Principal or Mr. Sines.

    Will we receive refunds for lunch accounts?
    Yes, please contact Kathy Loush in the Main Office at FHS.

    MacBook Collection and Senior Class Pick Up of Caps and Gowns/ Awards:
    This will be the week of May 18th.  We will be emailing out a schedule to Seniors with specific dates and times.  Parents do not need to accompany students to pick up these items.

    After the MacBooks are collected, how do we contact you?
    You can contact us either by email or phone.

    Will there be a Senior VIP raffle?
    No, there will not be a VIP raffle.  If you have already paid for VIP seating, you will be refunded.

    When will we receive our yearbook? 
    You can order online. The books should arrive near the end of May. Distribution details will depend on how access to the building plays out for June.Use this link to order online now:

    Senior Signs
    We know this is hard for everyone. We all are disappointed about how the year is ending. We will continue to do our best to celebrate you and the Senior Class of 2020. We have ordered Lawn Signs for all of our Seniors. We will be emailing you the details of this pickup process. These signs are in addition to the signs already purchased through the Senior All Night Party Committee.