Grades 9-11 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Finishing the Year Strong

    Below outlines the next steps in the process for closing out the school year and having your child FINISH STRONG:

    • Students and families need time to process through all of their work virtually in order to complete assignments and assessments
    • Also, students will be at different places in their courses and need an opportunity to catch up and remediate.
    • And, our teachers will need time to assess completed work and provide feedback so that students can adjust and improve their learning before the end of the school year.

    Therefore, we will be putting the following protocols in place:

    1. No new assignments/assessments will be posted after the week of May 26th.
    2. Students will have the following two weeks (the week of June 1st and June 8th) to complete any missing assignments/assessments. 
    3. Instructional hours will continue to support our students’ learning for the remainder of the school year.
    4. Any previous zeros on an assignment that is completed before the end of the school year, can still be awarded full credit if the work is acceptable.
    5. Our staff will update their PowerSchool Gradebooks on a progression to assist with understanding what assignments have been or needs to be completed.

    The following dates are when missing assignments will be converted to zeros in PowerSchool:

    Converting (!) Missing assignments into zeros in PowerSchool Gradebook

    The Week Of “           ” assignments and assessments

    By 5/11/20

    The weeks of 4/20/20 and 4/27/20 assignments

    By 5/18/20

    The week of 5/4/20 assignments

    By 5/26/20

    The week of 5/11/20 assignments

    By 6/1/20

    The week of 5/18/20 assignments

    By 6/8/20

    The week of 5/26/20 assignments

    finishing the year strong

    You can view a PDF of this document here.

    Class Meetings

    The FHS principals hosted class meetings April 21. You may need to enter your email address to watch the recording of the webinar.

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    11th Grade

    FAQ About Course Grades

    Based on feedback received from students and parents, we have developed the following list of frequently asked questions. As information continues to rapidly evolve and additional plans are developed, this page will be updated to reflect those changes and/or additions. We appreciate your patience as all questions cannot be answered at this time.  
    Parents with specific questions about their students are encouraged to contact their school principals or teachers.

    pdf of grades 9-11 course FAQ

    You can view a PDF of this FAQ here.

    Will student work be graded from March 13 - June 12?
    Yes, student work will be graded. Students will be given multiple opportunities to remediate.

    What if a student doesn't complete any work during this time?
    Students who do not turn in work and/or pass all competencies with a passing course grade will receive an Incomplete “I”. Teachers will reach out to students/parents to attempt to avoid this. If an “I” is earned, students will be given the opportunity to recover credit (“CR” on the transcript with administrator approval) to be determined on an individual basis at a later date.

    What if students are not able to connect or not engaged in remote learning content?
    It is recommended that a student who is not able to be engaged, or who chooses to disengage, in remote learning should receive an incomplete or no grade. Teachers will document every attempt made to engage the student and take into consideration if students are experiencing circumstances out of their control.

    Will there be assessments during this time?
    There may be assessments where possible and practical. Performance tasks that assess competency for a grade must have a posted rubric.

    Will missing work need to be made up when students return to school?
    Where possible, the content from remote learning should be made up after the transition back to regular in-person school attendance resumes - within the first 10 weeks (or perhaps summer school, etc.).

    Will students that are in credit recovery (Engenuity) classes receive a grade?
    It is recommended that students who are completing online courses (Edgenuity) be evaluated/ graded in accordance with the grading explanation above, so as to not negatively influence GPA.

    What will student transcripts look like?
    It is recommended that all courses on the student schedule are reflected on the high school transcript with an appropriate grade or mark during this pandemic.

    When should student work be completed by?
    All student work must be completed and submitted to teachers by June 12. However, teachers are able to set internal earlier timelines starting June 8.

    Will there be final exams?
    No, there will be no formal final exams.