Eureka Math

  • Fraser Public Schools transitioned to Eurkea Math for students in DK-6th grade at the start of 2017-18 school year. Students in 7th grade began using the program for the 2018-19 school year. The Eureka Math program is designed by the Great Minds Initiative and allows for customized learning.

    We have compiled resources, tip sheets and activities for further enrichment for each grade currently using Eureka Math. Together we can help every child succeed and be a strong math student. 

    Eureka Math Open House Presentation
    Did you miss the event on March 27, 2019? The above link will take you to the presentation.

    Create a Parent Account
    You can create a free parent account to access even more information, tips and activities for home to help support your child. 

    Curriculum Road Maps 
    Eureka Math is designed for continuous learning through the grades. 
    DK - Grade 5  Grades 6 -8

    Competency Overview Charts 
    This document aligns with your student's report card and shows how the learning objectives are being covered within the Eureka Math Modules.
    Kindergarten  Grade 1  Grade 2  Grade 3  Grade 4  Grade 5  Grade 6  Grade 7

    Parent Tip Sheets
    We have compiled tip sheets for each grade, based on module, so parents can help their students.
    Kindergarten  Grade 1  Grade 2  Grade 3  Grade 4  Grade 5  Grade 6  Grade 7

    Activities for Home
    Our teachers have put together some fun activities parents can do at home with their students to strenghten their math skills.
    Kindergarten  Grade 1  Grade 2  Grade 3  Grade 4  Grade 5  Grade 6  Grade 7